What if, once we were married, once we’d spent all that creative energy and all those brain cells thinking about our wedding inspiration boards

What if we all made life inspiration boards like this one? What if we made inspiration boards of all the things we dreamed of doing, to remind ourselves to go do them? Because the thing about marriage for me is that it’s so grounding that it makes you feel free. Free to adventure. Free to become who you need to be.

Maybe that would be the best inspiration board of all.

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  • e.

    hi meg,

    i'm wondering, since you have such a voice and presence in the wedding blogosphere, if you would ever consider asking how many couples are not able to actually be together after the wedding? i have to believe i'm not the only one, but i find that trying to read about weddings online is the most depressing thing i can possibly do since all everyone stresses is the MARRIAGE part, the BEING TOGETHER AFTER part. and yes, of course the life together is more important than the day of… but for some of us, the life together isn't actually together for awhile. and i find, especially in the past month, as i visit websites of brides who are reflecting on how wonderful life is now that they're married, i find myself feeling more and more isolated, more and more utterly alone because i married my love and then three days later had to fly away from him. i can't be the only one, though, can i? i just thought… if anyone would be able to ask and find out, it'd be you. so maybe, hopefully, you will. i would be forever indebted to know.

  • Concur about the life boards! We never had an inspiration board for our wedding- nothing we found seemed to match, and we were so focused on party planning that creating a board didn't seem to matter. We both found life-after-marriage ideas waaaaay more inspiring than wedding ideas. So far, we're implementing the pancake breakfasts (GF, since immediate-post-wedding-diagnosis), and, now that my sister has moved out and we unpacked the practical-and-unsurprisingly-similar-to-yours dishes, some consolidation and more simplicity in chores. All pans: in the dishwasher. All old stuff: in my sister's new apartment. Bonus: she needs all the gluten-infested stuff that we had to replace anyway.

    (Also, I love those dishes. Was researching dishwasher-microwave-oven-freezer-nulcearemergency-safe, but also attractive, dishes for a while, and these seem to be the best that fit the category.)

  • I'm usually not crazy about that thumbs up/"like" feature on Facebook, but I totally wish I could thumbs up this post. I like it. :)

  • LPC

    Lovely. Children, however, when they come, make their own boards. And require many many pictures of you. If you're the type addicted to baby cheeks that is. If you can walk out the door and leave them behind in the capable arms of someone else, I hear that is a different experience. Not one I had, however.

  • Meg

    Oh e.-
    I haven't been there, but friends of mine have. Getting married with a husband who has just been deployed, or having a baby with a husband who's just been deployed *again.* It is TOUGH no matter how you slice it.


  • TNM

    Terrific idea. Making a wedding inspiration board always sort of scared me personally (so many perfect, unattainable aesthetics in one place)… but this seems like a great post-honeymoon we're-just-surfing-the-web-and-finding-fun-pics-of-our-future-life activity for a couple…

  • Oh. Wow. I just got chills up my spine–I was never very attracted to the wedding inspiration board idea, because… well, because I didn't really care if my shoes and my flowers looked good together. But I love love love the idea of a life inspiration board, especially as my husband and I are both looking at some career/school/life crossroads.

  • Beginning with the end in mind sounds like a pretty important thing to do for a marriage (never mind what the wedding looks like). What an excellent idea.

  • betty lee

    i love it, i love it, i love it. i'm starting one as soon as we get home from the wedding weekend. why didn't i think of this.
    what's funny is that we were just talking about this last night, for the past year, everything has been "wedding, wedding, wedding". now we can get to the good stuff..the stuff marriages are really about.
    i can't wait.

  • Anonymous

    Life inspiration boards? BRILLIANT! (feel free to say this to yourself in an Irish accent, a la Guinness commercials)