In The Paper Store

Lady To Her Friend: (flipping through letterpress invites) I don’t know, I mean, maybe I could go with this invitation suite, but it’s fuchsia and black, and our colors are fuchsia and grey, which is much more chic, and I’m just afraid these will send the wrong message about the wedding.

Me to Myself: Brides are scary. And weird.


Myself to Me: Ah! You are a bride! Right now! And you’re here buying wedding invitations.

Me to Myself: Oh my god, that’s right. What am I buying again? (looks down at hands) Cream card stock. Oh. Right.

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  • BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Thank you, you just made my night :)

  • Haha!
    This was a real laugh out loud post.
    And reminds me of a time I was in a store and overheard another bride-to-be obsessing to the makeup artist about how she thought her already expensive face cream just wasn’t good enough and shouldn’t she change to creme de la mer to give her skin a real boost in the run up to the wedding?
    I’ve never had to try to so hard not to burst out laughing in my life…

  • Oh, the geniusness. This actually sums up the whole situation. Brilliant.

  • Awesome!
    I was at a paper shoppe the other day talking to the woman about our invitations which are going to be oh-so DIY and casual…she tried to sell me on her friend who does calligraphy for the Prime Minister…um, as nice as caligraphy is, I was defiitely looking at really cheap cardstock!

  • Cass

    Hahaha. I work in a stationery store and got married a month ago and I STILL think that all. the. time. Crazies!

  • I love those AHA moments. I always like to think I’m not one of those brides but then I find myself telling my florist “it’s a dark raspberry, like a jewel tone, almost purple, but more pink…”. Thanks for the whimsical post!

  • Hooray for cream card stock!

  • Haha, yeah, the day I cried about not being able to afford off-set printing I also gave myself a swift kick in the butt.

    I wonder what the ‘wrong message’ sent by gray vs. black is?

    I just finally got around to posting photos of our invitations on Prom to Altar. Ah, memories!

  • This is why the concept of wedding colors weirds me out! Who wants to spend a big chunk of time agonizing over whether the lilac napkins are acceptable when your “wedding colors” are *really* lavender and silver?

    I’m just going to ask our florist to steer clear of calla lilies and pastels and incorporate as many bright, vibrant colors as she can into the bouquets. That way anything else we choose will be sure to coordinate! :-)

  • Kurt Bradley

    We encountered something similar recently. My fiancee and I went to a bridal show, and one of the fliers in the schwag we picked up actually said, “Pay special attention to your table linens, as their length will determine people’s perception of your wedding.”

    I think I’ll just take Martha Stewart off the guest list, and get back to caring more about what microbrew we’re going to serve :-)

  • Meg

    Anthony, that made me snarf water through my nose. For real?

    I’d say the AMOUNT of microbrew you serve will influence people’s perception of your wedding.


  • Hmmm.. so glad I’m such a simple chick, makes me really appreciate myself.. lol..

  • So funny! I wonder the same thing Nicole did, what would be the wrong message sent by gray vs. black :)

  • You are too funny. I sometimes think(and feel) the same when “bargain shopping” next to a crazy big spender.

  • While reading a (sorry, hate to admit) mainstream bridal magazine early in my planning, I came across the following admonition:

    “Be sure to choose invites and papers that set the tone for your wedding…”

    I promptly chucked said magazine in the rubbish bin.

    Committed couple in loving relationship who want to spend their lives together… that pretty much sets the “tone” for any wedding, I think! Stationery not required…

  • Hehe … The post was hilarious, and many of the comments were just as funny!