Anjali & Rob

* Anjali (Private chef & writer for The Kitchn) & Rob (Actor, writer & comedian) * Photographer: Christina Richards * Soundtrack for reading: “This Will Be Our Year” by The Zombies *

The Info—Dress: Saja, scored new from / Suit: Indochino / Fringy Ceremony Garlands: Made using the Oh Happy Day Tutorial / Caterer: Pacific Harvest / Photographer: Christina Richards

Other cool stuff: We wrote our own vows, which not only included our promises to each other for the future, but also acknowledged the difficulties we overcame to be together (Torrid beginnings! A two-year separation when I worked in Japan! Rob’s refusal to wipe down the counters when he does the dishes!) and the admiration we have for each other. Even my mom said she knew us both better after hearing them. I took on possibly too many craft and cooking projects in the months leading up to the wedding, but help from friends and family made it easier and a lot more fun. And Rob took on his own projects, like the Milhouse and Goblin (our cat and dog) table numbers and the mix CD timeline that told the story of our courtship through the mix CDs we’ve made for each other over the years. But above all, we wanted to throw an unfussy, super-fun party for our favorite people, with good food, good wine and lots of dancing. Which we did!

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A backyard party where we just happened to be getting married.

Favorite thing: Anjali—The first song after the mother-son dance, when everyone was invited onto the floor to dance to Otis Redding’s “That’s How Strong My Love Is.” Not only was I dancing with the love of my life—now my husband—on a beautiful evening to one of our favorite songs, I was looking around at the couples dancing around me and every one of them was someone I loved. I said to Rob, “This is like the end of Rushmore, when everyone is dancing together!” It felt magical. Rob: Our first dance. Not only did we dance to a song that was incredibly meaningful throughout our entire relationship (and the soundtrack to this post), but Anjali softly sang the entire song to me. She doesn’t sing often, but when she does, it’s amazing.

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