Roundup: Ties That Don’t Suck, Vol. 1

Neutral: 1. Whiskey Business hand-silkscreened tie from Cyberoptix Tie Lab ($30 and up) 2. Alexander Olch Plaid Cotton Tie via Mr. Porter ($150) 3. Creek English wool tie from Pierrepont Hicks (on sale for $52) 4. Peachy necktie made from vintage and deadstock fabric from FORAGE Neckties via Etsy ($48)

Blue: 1. Fab Flowers in Navy/Yellow/Aqua from The Tie Bar ($15) 2. Textured Ribbon Stripe Shirting Skinny Necktie made from deadstock fabric from General Knot & Co. ($98)  3. Sonic Fabric Necktie made from 50% recorded audio cassette tape made by Alyce Santoro via Supermarket ($120) 4. Slim polka dot silk and linen tie from Ben Sherman (£35.00)

Black & White: 1. Scattered beaded line from title of work by Jonathan Meizler ($365) 2. J.Crew cashmere knit tie ($118) 3. Alexander McQueen skull patterned silk woven tie via Mr. Porter ($175) 4. Native Herringbone handmade silk tie from The Tie Bar ($15)

Red: 1. Ceci N’est Pas Une Cravate (This Is Not a Tie) hand-silkscreened tie from Cyberoptix Tie Lab ($30 and up) 2. Winter Plaid twisted silk tie from The Tie Bar ($15) 3. J.Crew cotton plaid tie via Mr. Porter ($75) 4. Red silk skinny tie from Ben Sherman (£35.00)

When planning our wedding, one of the things that surprised me most was how into his outfit Michael got. I mean, this is a man who has to be told that steel-toed boots are not meant to be worn with tube socks and cargo shorts and whose normal wardrobe is a rotating collection of tagless Hanes t-shirts. But the funny thing is, he could have cared less about the clothes themselves. He was all about the accessories (including the, yes, belt buckle featured below that said “Taken” which he fell in love with and proudly showed off to everyone who attended our wedding. This is what happens when you get married straight out of college, folks). But finding a tie that matched the class and candor of his belt buckle was…difficult. Until we turned to the internet. Which is where, it turns out, all the cool ties live.

So today we’re excited to bring you guys a small collection of ties that, well, don’t suck: for the discerning ladies and gentlemen who want to add a little more oomph to their suiting. Now, what we discovered when putting this roundup together is that there are more amazing ties on the internet than I know what to do with. (Michael has gone back to not giving a damn about what he puts on his back, so I’m over here trying to figure out ways to incorporate them into my outfits. I mean, if Baby Spice can do it, so can I.) So this first set is made up of your old standbys: neutrals and primary colors. In the future, we’ll be bringing you some options that are a little more colorful, and then when we’re really in the mood, we might just give you a whole roundup of bow ties. (I KNOW. I’m excited too.) Now, can someone please tell me why I don’t wear ties more often? Because this is way more fun than shoe shopping.

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