The Inspiration Board Of My Mind

Three months out from the wedding, and these are the images that are flickering over and over again on the inspiration board of my mind:
Because yessssssss.

There is a point early on in the wedding process where sorting through physical objects is really important, because it helps us sort through symbols, traditions, and identities. People dismiss objects as meaningless, but they are not. Objects are powerful totems, especially in wedding ceremonies (if you don’t believe me ask Tom Robbins.) It’s important to figure out things like: I want a colored wedding dress – that is what feels right to me, or I want a white wedding dress – that tradition has meaning for me. We figure out that we love handmade letterpress because of its connotations of old world craftsmanship, or that we love printable designs because of the forward thinking way they bring beauty to everyone. Sorting through all of these symbols is really important, because it can help us claim the wedding that we want.

But as we get closer to the wedding, I care about this stuff less and less. Our table numbers are fantastic (and made all of crafty scraps), but on my wedding day I can’t imagine I’ll give a sh*t. What I really care about now is how I experience the day, and I hope it’s one joyful, present P-A-R-T-Y.

Pictures are, funny enough, by a collection of some of my all time favorite photographers: Our Labor of Love via Once Wed, Our Labor of Love via here, Jude Mooney via here; Michele Wayman via here, Jenny Jimenez via Brooklyn Bride

PS this post is dedicated (rather fittingly) to a very newly engaged friend. Friend, you know who you are. Grins!

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  • I did this, too – created an inspiration board made of images depicting a feeling rather than a theme.

  • This is so true. When I look at weddings now, with less than 4 months to go, I’m drawn to looking at the bride and groom, their emotions rather than the things. Photographs that radiate love or joy or fun mean more and more as the time goes on.

    And in terms of my focus as well, I’m thinking about the ceremony, words, feelings, friends and the part they will play, and marriage.

  • Yes! This is why I like to call our “theme” “raucous party”.

  • Yes, it’s what it’s all about (and what mainstream media mostly doesn’t get, I think!)
    Funny to read the other comments because when I see these pictures I don’t think “Party!”, but rather “Happy happy joy joy love!”

  • This post came at the perfect time! Yesterday, I found out that most of the people that we thought would not come to our wedding will actually be there, and I had an evening of “freak out about the budget.” Then this morning I woke up thinking, so what if we can’t feed them all dinner the night before and have to just have coffee instead? So what if we can’t afford to pay for an open bar at the wedding? Isn’t it amazing that in this economy, in this year, so many of our family members are traveling incredible distances to be with us?

    And then my photographer posted this wedding on her blog:

    It is gorgeous, but what really got me was the shot of their family at the ceremony. Look how HAPPY everyone is! How loved they are!! And now I’m getting excited butterflies in my stomach when I think of being surrounded by the ginormous family that I am a part of. How lucky!

  • I was so surprised to see my favorite picture here this morning!

    Looking back at our wedding I can’t say that I care at all about the little things we did, but I do remember the cumulative feeling of unabashed joy all of those little things added up to.

    I love looking at the pictures from our wedding, but I never look at the decorations, I always look at the huge smiles on our friends and families faces.

  • Meg

    “Looking back at our wedding I can’t say that I care at all about the little things we did, but I do remember the cumulative feeling of unabashed joy all of those little things added up to.”

    Mmmmmmmmm…. yesssss. You’re making me think this morning Drea, and I like it. That sounds like it’s exactly right, and more or less what I was trying to get. I do care that I ened up craftly making table numbers that mean something to me, yes. But in the end, it’s the grins that I care about. I will count our wedding in grins and tears of joy.

  • Yeah yeah yeah, you’re getting close! Remember “goodbye planning; hello party”? Well, it happened sooner than I thought. And it might be coming to you, sooner than you expect.

  • Yes, yes, yes. I recently blogged about how I woke up the other day and realized that I no longer care about wedding details. 25 more days and all I want is a shot of tequila and some much needed sleep.


  • I just looked back through our photos last night and realized there are less than a dozen “detail” shots. I do not have a shot of our rings or things of the like, but I have a gaggle of grinning, crying, laughing portraits that are what it was all about to begin with.

  • Me too! As the planning proceeded I got less and less enthusiastic about the STUFF and more and more enthusiastic about the details (and yes, they’re still details) that I hoped would help us feel the way we wanted to. The images that will remain with me forever are the congregation enjoying our friend’s reading, the guests crowding around the ice cream truck, and dancing with my husband to Kermit the frog. I don’t think I even looked at the centre pieces (thank god- they were a failure..)

  • Amy


  • P.

    Those pictures are so wonderful! I love a rambunctious bride – it’s so infectious.

    Thank you so much for your sweet and funny comment about my news! I’m a little daunted, I have to say. I’m not much of a planner and am basically in denial about the motherload of decisions and details. Meanwhile, Fauxhawk is whipping into high gear. Maybe he’ll plan it, in which case it will be all guitar solos, all the time. xoxox

  • Meg

    Eff the details P. Practice grabbing a tie in your teeth. Send Fauxhaux my way. We’ll work it out and then let you know when and where.

    San Francisco Zoo is doing baby animal month, so I’m thinking San Francisco 12 months from now. With guitar solos. Or maybe the Bronx Zoo does baby animal month? Or the Prospect Park Zoo? Have FH look into it.

  • I love the personal nature of each of these photos–the apparent love, the fun, the joy at getting hitched. This is exactly how I would want to feel on my wedding day.

  • I love you you keep circling back to the real reason you are having a wedding ceremony. Joy, delight, love, friendship, devotion, companionship, and a celebration of your new life as a couple. The details are just little illustrations in the book of meaning here. Do what your heart tells you, not the guilted nonsense of what others do or don’t do. What will matter in the end is having shots like this to reflect how you feel about each other!

  • Each image just has the joy and celebration of the day. I don’t comment often because it feeds into my google reader, but just wanted to say I always look forward to your posts.

  • One Love Photo

    Yes! That is why I love weddings so! Always lots of smiles and laughter.

  • thanks for reminding me to focus on the things that matter most! june 30th will be here and none of the “things” will matter … I want a good time to be had by all (especially our kids LOL) … thanks again ;) *SmiLes* Suzanne

  • DavidJennifer

    I love the fun filled pictures put here. They clearly say how much fun would have been at the moment when they were captured. The idea is well presented that the ultimate thing is to be happy on ‘The Day’.