The 5 Best Instagram Ideas We’ve Seen All Month

I whip my bouquet back and forth

by Maddie Eisenhart, Chief Revenue Officer

Remember when Pinterest first showed up and it was like a whole new Internet opened up in front of you? That’s sort of how I’ve been feeling about Instagram lately. Which is to say, it feels like all the really awesome ideas are hiding out on Instagram these days. So for those of you who aren’t following APW on Instagram yet, we thought we’d round up a handful of our favorite ideas from the past month or so. Starting with this black wedding dress above. You know how you have that great wedding idea, but then you look around and you’re like, “If I can just find one person doing what I want to do and making it look awesome, I will have the courage to make it happen?” Well not only can you totally wear a black wedding dress without looking goth (or whatever it is your family is trying to convince you a black wedding dress will look like). But you can also rent this one for just $75. Bam. Consider that idea validated. You can see the rest of this shoot on Cassie Rosch’s blog(Photo by Cassie Rosch; flowers by Lace and Lilies; hair by Bre of Balayage Spa and Salon; makeup by Candace Tucker of Dotted with Heart Artistry; dress from Rent The Runway.)

There are a handful of things I look forward to each year. Christmas. My birthday. The return of Grey’s Anatomy. And the annual stylebook from APW fave a & bé bridal shop. Because it’s so good. This floral whip is from behind their scenes at the one they are working on right now and it’s exactly what I’ve been asking for. Please oh please let’s make floral whips the new… everything? (Floral whip by Whimsy Designs; photo via a & bé bridal shop.)


We introduced #weddingpetwednesdays a few weeks ago, but this canine floral crown takes it to a whole new level. Also? It actually looks like it would stay on for longer than five seconds. (Floral crown worn expertly by Frankie; photo by Frankie’s mama, Cassie Rosch.)


This is the kind of heirloom china I can totally get behind. (Dinosaur cake plates by Seletti via Burke Decor.)


Every wedding needs a sign like this. Also, file under: why you need a wedding stage manager. (Photo by Smitten Chickens. From an #apwwedding, of course.)

Maddie Eisenhart

Maddie is APW’s Chief Revenue Officer. She’s been writing stories about boys, crushes, and relationships since she was old enough to form shapes into words, but received her formal training (and a BS) from NYU in Entertainment and Mass Media in 2008. She now spends a significant amount of time thinking about trends on the internet and whether flower crowns will be out next year. A Maine native, Maddie currently lives on a pony farm in the Bay Area with her husband, Michael and their mastiff puppy. Current hair color: Purple(ish).

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  • Rebekah

    In regards the last photo, is the bride/groom ok with their family’s numbers being so widely available? I assume you vetted it.

    • Eenie

      That was my first thought about it when I saw it on Instagram! Are these numbers real?!

      • Maddie Eisenhart

        Hey guys, this was supposed to be redacted, but we’re fixing it now. Going to delete these comments once we repost to avoid any confusion!

    • Maddie Eisenhart

      Hey Rebekah, this was supposed to be redacted, but we’re fixing it now. Going to delete these comments once we repost to avoid any confusion!

  • Kayla

    Love, love, love all of these with all my heart… up until the last one.

    Call anyone but the bride? The implications are pretty damn sexist.

    • Meg Keene

      As feminist and, you know, APW Founder, who actually pondered a sign like this six years ago, I can explain it for you! Because on your wedding day FUCKING EVERYONE comes up to you acting like you’re social secretary for all of it. “NO, Aunt Jo, I actually don’t give a shit that Groomsman B lost his tie, that’s his GD problem, and also, I’m not going to stop getting into my wedding dress to solve it. Perhaps some other grown up in this whole damn building can deal with it? LIKE GROOMSMAN B?” It’s a huge legit problem that can end up sort of ruining the wedding experience for women (I watched it happen to friends of mine and tried to just stand in front of them and tell people to fuck off.)

      So in short, eff yeah it’s sexist. But it’s not the sign that’s sexist. The sign is pointing out the sexism problem, and the practical problem, and getting everyone off the bride’s back so she can go get married already.

      I love this sign, because I swear on everything I almost had it.

      • eating words

        /goes and adds this sign to the list of things to design this week, with one edit: “call anyone but the brides.”/

      • Kayla

        It isn’t that I don’t understand the value of the sign. I totally do. I did set up for a wedding that had something really similar, except it said, “People to call: (assorted contacts). People to NOT call: Bride, Groom.”

        And that’s my only problem with the execution here. I think this specific wording doesn’t counter the idea that the bride is responsible for the wedding details. It reinforces it.

        A person could achieve the exact same goal, without the sexism, by just saying making it “anyone but the bride and groom” (or “anyone but the brides”).

        • Juliet

          But the sign is commenting on the well-documented phenomenon that they DON’T call the groom, they call the bride, hence the “social secretary” label Meg mentions. It’s part of the bridezilla “THIS IS MY SPECIAL DAAAAY so don’t you DARE move a GD flower in that church without my blessing” stereotype that results in everyone thinking every little problem is the bride’s problem, and that the groom could give a shit.

          It’s not sexist to cheekily call out a sexist assumption with a helpful sign.

          • Kayla

            We’ll have to agree to disagree.

            I think the wording here plays right into that stereotype. To me, it implies that the bride is already busy with wedding things because she’s the one who cares about them (it’s “her day”), while the groom is…. what, exactly? Not really involved? Just set dressing? Unaware of the answers because party planning is her job? None of these assumptions are good, and I wouldn’t personally want to perpetuate them.

            This reminds me of women I know who are professed feminists but still use bridezilla “jokingly.” I don’t mean the way you did, to specifically address that stereotype, I mean comments like, “Not to be a bridezilla, but I’m going to cry if we can’t have dahlias.” Even if you’re joking (or even if you think it’s cheeky), it’s still perpetuating a harmful stereotype.

        • ML

          Agreed! I thought the same thing.

        • Have to agree here, I think it does more to call out the sexism to word it “Bride + Groom” or “Grooms” or “Brides” etc. which would have the added benefit of gently nudging the reader in a more inclusive direction. “Call anyone but the Bride”, if you’re feminist, *could* read feminist but if you aren’t, it probably reads like the same ol’ “IT’S HER DAY” trope with added lolz.

      • TeaforTwo

        This sign warmed my heart. I love my in-laws, but my blood pressure still goes up when I think about how my FIL called me at midnight the night before the wedding because the groom’s sister had forgotten her purse at the rehearsal dinner.

        I was staying in a hotel because my husband and I wanted to spend the night before the wedding apart. They knew where the rehearsal dinner restaurant was, because we had ALL JUST EATEN DINNER THERE. I was getting married in the morning. Why on earth would this be my problem?!

        If I have any objection to the sign, it’s that the bride is probably the one to make it, which makes it come off as a bit rude and flippant. But when I see it happening to other women I know, I do try to get in the way of it. (See: the woman I recently met at a bachelorette party who spent the whole evening trying to get the bride to figure out a ride for her to the wedding because she wasn’t sure she wanted to rent a car for it.)

    • Amber

      I think the idea behind it is great! Let the couple actually enjoy their day. Notice, despite the title, the groom isn’t listed as a contact. The title could easily be changed to include him/partner

      • Kayla

        I also love the idea! But I find this specific wording problematic. I think any of these would be great alternatives:

        Anyone but the bride and groom

        Anyone but the couple

        Anyone but Name and Name

        • Amber

          Exactly :)

    • Amy March

      But no one does call the groom. Even the groomsmen. I think it’s fantastic.

      • Right! No one is going to call the groom with their shit, and it’s not as funny if it says “bride and groom.” Also it includes the PARENTS of the groom, which to me is a very feminist-minded thing to include.

        • Late on this one, but both the bride and groom were equally involved in this wedding, and everything about their wedding was ultra feminist. It was refreshing and wonderful. The maid of honor put these cards together for the couple, and it was totally playing on the stereotype that everyone would call the bride, and not the groom, with any and every problem. You’ll notice the cards don’t give any contact info for the groom, because no one should be calling him either!

  • Jess

    What I learned today: Bridal whips are a thing and they are everything I want.

  • eating words

    Those dino cake plates: so much awesome.

  • Suzanne Goodman

    I’m so glad I was on trend a year early :)

    • Kayla

      Perfection. Congratulations! :)

    • Maddie Eisenhart


    • Yooooo.

      • uyee9kohpoh





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    Love the Bridal Whip. Very unique and beautiful. Could have fun with this after the ceremony.

  • nothing can be better than a dog with a flower hat <3

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