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The 5 Best Instagram Ideas We’ve Seen All Month

I whip my bouquet back and forth

Remember when Pinterest first showed up and it was like a whole new Internet opened up in front of you? That’s sort of how I’ve been feeling about Instagram lately. Which is to say, it feels like all the really awesome ideas are hiding out on Instagram these days. So for those of you who aren’t following APW on Instagram yet, we thought we’d round up a handful of our favorite ideas from the past month or so. Starting with this black wedding dress above. You know how you have that great wedding idea, but then you look around and you’re like, “If I can just find one person doing what I want to do and making it look awesome, I will have the courage to make it happen?” Well not only can you totally wear a black wedding dress without looking goth (or whatever it is your family is trying to convince you a black wedding dress will look like). But you can also rent this one for just $75. Bam. Consider that idea validated. You can see the rest of this shoot on Cassie Rosch’s blog(Photo by Cassie Rosch; flowers by Lace and Lilies; hair by Bre of Balayage Spa and Salon; makeup by Candace Tucker of Dotted with Heart Artistry; dress from Rent The Runway.)

There are a handful of things I look forward to each year. Christmas. My birthday. The return of Grey’s Anatomy. And the annual stylebook from APW fave a & bé bridal shop. Because it’s so good. This floral whip is from behind their scenes at the one they are working on right now and it’s exactly what I’ve been asking for. Please oh please let’s make floral whips the new… everything? (Floral whip by Whimsy Designs; photo via a & bé bridal shop.)


We introduced #weddingpetwednesdays a few weeks ago, but this canine floral crown takes it to a whole new level. Also? It actually looks like it would stay on for longer than five seconds. (Floral crown worn expertly by Frankie; photo by Frankie’s mama, Cassie Rosch.)


This is the kind of heirloom china I can totally get behind. (Dinosaur cake plates by Seletti via Burke Decor.)


Every wedding needs a sign like this. Also, file under: why you need a wedding stage manager. (Photo by Smitten Chickens. From an #apwwedding, of course.)

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