Katie & Peter’s International London Bash

* Katie, Marketing Manager & Peter, Policy Advisor * Photographer: Lauren McGlynn * Soundtrack for reading: “Midnight City” by M83 *

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: A low-key day in London with an international crowd and a lot of love.

The Info—Photographer: Lauren McGlynn / Venue: The Amadeus CentreKatie’s Dress: J.Crew / Katie’s Sash: eBay / Katie’s Shoes: Zara / Katie’s Makeup: Bare Essentials / Peter’s Suit: A Suit that Fits / Flowers: From Covent Garden Market, bought by Katie’s mum and put together by the bride and her friends / Food: Food Events (Katie says, “The catering was not only the best wedding food I’ve ever had, but some of the best food, full stop! It was delicious.”)

Other cool stuff we should know about: The bridesmaids were an international group! I moved around a lot as a kid, resulting in bridesmaids from New York, Trinidad, and Mexico, who now live in Zambia, Hong Kong, and Israel!

I did the flowers myself the day before the wedding—my parents went to the early morning Covent Garden Market in Vauxhall, London, and got lots of stocks and hydrangeas and other pretty white flowers for us to use for the bouquets and tables. It was really easy to do, really cheap, and didn’t take very long at all.

Peter’s grandmother said that she was looking forward to the wedding, but that the one thing she could guarantee was that she would not dance because she hates dancing and never dances at weddings. By the end of the evening, she was right out on the dance floor dancing with everyone and anyone!

Favorite thing about the wedding: I found a lot of the wedding quite stressful—I don’t really like huge groups of people, especially if they’re all focused on me! But getting married, looking up at Peter and knowing he was the person I wanted to be with forever, was the best feeling I think I’ve ever had.

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  • These are gorgeous. The emotion that is present in these pictures is amazing! Congrats!

    Also, you did your own flowers? I’ve been considering doing our own- I tend to like the thrown-together, chaotic look anyways. I’m just worried that it will be too stressful! Any tips?

    • Peabody_bites

      We did our own – for context, we needed flowers for (for church, marquee, boutonniers (sp?) and bouquets) at an English country wedding for 160 people in September. I put my aunt in charge of flowers for church and marquee, and she put together a team of four women (godparents and cousins) and it took them about 2 days in which time they made 4 massive arrangements for the marquee, 16 smaller table decorations and two big church arrangements and probably about 10 smaller ones, including wrapping hops around the structural poles at the front of the church. That said there were a LOT of flowers – we went to New Covent Garden together and filled the back of her big estate car – and it was something that all those women do together for family parties/funerals etc. so not only do they have experience, they also think it is huge fun and definitely a way of showing their love not only for me but for my mother.

      My step-mother was in charge of bouquets and buttonholes and they were quite elaborate and it took her about 4 hours.

      Other than help carry the flowers, and ooh and aaah and congratulate when it was done, I had nothing to do with it at all and found it extremely unstressful. So if you aren’t a flower person, delegate! Or perhaps be a little less ambitious than we were…

      In terms of practical tips:
      – make a list of the number of arrangements you want, and what flowers you want for them, before you go to the market because it is extremely easy to get carried away by the beauty of what’s available
      – be prepared to be flexible when you get there, because you never know what will look good that day
      – you will not believe the number of containers we had to beg, borrow and steal – not only to put the final displays in, but also to keep the flowers in water in until we were ready to arrange them. Don’t be caught out (I was)
      – give people specific responsibilities. Everyone behaves better when they know what their remit is
      – if getting married in a church (and in the UK), expect to leave at least 1 of your big arrangements for the pleasure of the congregation the next day rather than taking them all back to the reception venue for decoration – I hadn’t factored that in, but once it was suggested by the vicar it became something I wanted to do.

      Bit of an epic comment to effectively say DO IT. But only if you have some help.

    • Hi Sonarisa, I did! I didn’t find doing them stressful at all – they were really fun! For the tables we went with single big hydragneas or little succulents with white flowers, so they were really little prep. For the bouquets, we used really simple flowers and pulling them together was way easier than I thought it would be. I even wrote a little blog post about it: http://www.shoestringsplendour.co.uk/wp/2011/09/20/diy-wedding-bouquet/

      • We did it too! We just bought flowers in bulk and it took us about two hours to make perhaps 15-20 small centerpieces and 10 bouquets, with three of us working on it. It was a lot of fun, for us at least!

        Anyway, this wedding is SO gorgeous. Congratulations!!!

  • Mackenzie

    ” I found a lot of the wedding quite stressful—I don’t really like huge groups of people, especially if they’re all focused on me! But getting married, looking up at Peter and knowing he was the person I wanted to be with forever, was the best feeling I think I’ve ever had”

    This very much sums up my wedding experience. Congrats- what beautiful photos!

  • A Single Sarah for certain values of single

    Disco ball with organ pipes!

  • Papel picado! Was that brought by the bridesmaid who lived in Mexico? Nice touch, the all-white decor makes it pretty.
    Photos in the middle of the city, in your wedding attire are my fave (makes me want to wear the dress and walk around).
    Wishing you joy and love !

    • Actually the bridesmaid from Mexico now lives in Israel, but I picked them up from a Mexican store on Columbia Road, east London. I bought them not even knowing if there was somewhere for them to go, I just thought they were so pretty, and was so glad I did!

  • I loved this wedding! Just wanted to say that Cynthia Cioccari was my second shooter & you have used many of her lovely pictures in this post. She doesn’t have a web site at the moment but you can find her on flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/miss-chocaree/ We both loved Katie & Peter.

  • My favorite city in the world — and Covent Garden! Looks absolutely lovely. Congratulations!

  • Yay! My wedding – so excited to see it on APW! This site is how I found Lauren and Cynthia, my amazing photographers! I’m seriously so excited right now.

  • KB

    Oh my god, a disco ball is now a necessary object for my wedding :-) Congratulations!

  • Their smiling faces are priceless. Love!

  • Thanks for the shout out, Lauren! :) Katie & Peter’s wedding was awesome – I loved the fairly lights, the relaxed feel to it all and the AMAZING music and dancing. To this day when I listen to Midnight City it makes me grin!

  • So much gorgeousness! Your dress! The shades-of-grey bridesmaids! The lights & disco ball! And that last photo <3

  • Teresa

    Dress buddies! You look beautiful in it!

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