Lindsay & Josh

* Lindsay, Analyst for Wittenberg Weiner Consulting & Josh, Resource Manager for the US Navy * Photographer: Corinne Krogh Photography * Soundtrack for reading: “When You See the Light” by Pete Yorn *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A fun, intimate party and celebration of love.

The Info—Photography: Corinne Krogh Photography / Venue: Private home, a family friend and neighbor of Lindsay’s parents / Officiant: Drew, a good friend of Josh & Lindsay’s / Catering: Fresh Burrito Mexican Grill / Pies: Made by Lindsay / Cake: Gifted by friends, Bread Basket / DJ: Robin of LimeLight Entertainment / Flowers: Purchased at Trader Joe’s and arranged by Lindsay / Lindsay’s Dress: Vintage, Allen Company Inc. / Lindsay’s Veil: Twigs & Honey / Josh’s Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Other cool stuff we should know about: We had a very short engagement—about two and a half months from proposal to wedding day. We both felt this was the perfect amount of time. Planning was quick and kept simple and really helped us realize what we wanted the day to be like. We hired out only the bare minimum and Lindsay planned or made the rest. Our really good friend Drew officiated and wrote the entire ceremony himself and it was completely perfect. Lindsay walked down the aisle to “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles and we wrote our own vows.

The compliment we hear the most was how good the food was—tacos, beans, rice and homemade pies for dessert. We both love Mexican food (especially Josh) and realized that was exactly what we wanted. We had great luck with open mic toasting during dinner, and Lindsay’s sister caught the bouquet she helped Lindsay make, followed by her boyfriend Joey catching the garter.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Writing our own vows and the two hours of cocktails after the ceremony. It was hard to write our own vows not knowing what the other was going to say. We wrote them the morning of the wedding on striped cocktail napkins while sitting next to each other. In the end we picked the perfect tone and words that described exactly how we felt. Lindsay’s were sentimental and Josh’s were funny and sweet.

Our cocktail hour was designed to keep to guests busy while we took family photos. We quickly realized we would be missing out on a fun part of the day and extended it to two hours. Our family photos only ended up taking about 15 minutes, so we spent the next 1 hour and 45 minutes mingling with guests. We were both a little nervous about being the center of attention during the ceremony and really benefitted from the time to relax a little after. We can honestly say we spent time with every guest and this was so important to us.

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  • BB

    What a genuine, lovely, and happy wedding! Congrats!

  • This wedding looks perfect. Cute dress, Mexican food, lots of laughs and dancing = perfection

  • North Star

    LOVE the bride’s dress! The lace and the green ribbon rosettes=so gorgeous!

  • These pictures make me giddy. As another bride walking down the aisle to “here comes the sun” I can only hope my wedding is this joyful and full of love. Congrats!

  • such a sweet wedding. and I love that they planned it so quick! congratulations to the adorable bride and groom :)

  • Airplane Rachel

    These pictures are so beautiful. You can just feel the emotions and spirit of everything. Ahh, the joy. :)

  • Not Sarah

    I *love* the idea of only a two and a half month engagement! Thanks for sharing!

  • Seriously, gorgeous dress.

    Also, I’m pretty sure those are the happiest bride/bridesmaid pictures I’ve ever seen- it’s so obvious those gals just love each other dearly ;)

    • The picture of the bride with her attendants (the one where one of the attendants is kissing her forehead) is one of the best wedding photos I have EVER seen. Made me tear up.

  • Emily

    Gah! I love the yellow dresses! What a beautiful, happy day!

  • So bright & happy! I adore the Bride’s dress & the bridesmaids dresses. Congratulations!

  • Oh, I just love this to freaking pieces. Congratulations!!!

  • Taylor B

    Such a beautiful, happy wedding! The dresses are all lovely. And as a bride planning to serve tacos, rice and beans, and homemade pies, it’s great to see how happy this combo makes people! Congratulations!!

  • Laura

    That picture of you and your grandmother just killed me…you look so much alike! Beautiful wedding! :)

  • Amanda E

    OMG there is so much to love about this wedding I’m not sure where to start. First of all, the happy yellow is so cheerful and inviting and the bridesmaids’ dresses are so adorable it makes me want to change my color choices – not that I actually will, because my wedding will be my own – but because of the wonderful feelings spilling out of every photo. I want my wedding to FEEL like that!

  • The bridesmaids dresses look amazing! What a cool wedding!

  • Sheri

    My favorite thing about this wedding is that every single person in every single picture is smiling. And sometimes crying at the same time. What a fantastic community you have around you!

    My second favorite thing: Lindsay’s shoes!!! I’m planning a backyard wedding and am having a heck of a time finding some nice lowish wedge heels. Where, oh where, did you find them?

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