Nicolle and Paulie

* Nicolle, Program Manager & Paulie, Network Engineer * Photographer: Emily Takes Photos * Soundtrack for reading: “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: The most amazing, loving, laughter-filled, close-knit, uniquely special weekend ever!

The Info—Photography: Emily Takes Photos / Venue: Rancho Wikiup, Santa Rosa, CA / Caterer: Melissa Axelrod, California Table / Nicolle’s Dress: Wai-ChingPaulie’s Suit: Paul Smith / Flowers: The only flowers we added to the venue were the bouquets and boutonnières, which my best friend and I made the morning of the wedding

Other cool stuff we should know about: We really wanted to have a small, intimate, comfortable, and incredibly fun wedding with lots of delicious food, amazing wine, and lots and lots of laughter. Since we had the venue (which is a vacation rental) for the whole weekend we decided to have a bunch of events so that people could get to know one and other and make real connections throughout the weekend. We started with a parents/siblings dinner on Thursday night, then took all the guests wine tasting in Sonoma on Friday and finished out Friday with a BBQ and a big screen showing of the movie Roman Holiday. By the time the wedding rolled around on Saturday, all the guests were like old friends!

Favorite thing about the wedding: During the ceremony, we passed a wine glass around and every guest gave us a short blessing, then we drank from the glass. Being able to have that specific and unique connection with every single person that was there loving and supporting us was magical.

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