Evangeline & Adam

* Evangeline, Psychologist & Adam, Psychologist * Photographer: Jessica Schilling * Soundtrack for reading: “Just Like Heaven” by The Watson Twins *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: An incredibly intimate, non-traditional, relaxed celebration filled with tons of love, support, tears, and laughter!

The Info—Photography: Jessica Schilling / Ceremony Venue: Meditation Mount / Reception Venue: Azu Restaurant / Evangeline’s Dress: Amsale / Adam’s Suit: Nordstrom

Other cool stuff we should know about: We chose to have our commitment ceremony on our seven-year anniversary. Our celebration was very small and intimate. My mother officiated the ceremony and we had only twenty-five guests. We collected jars for months and tied twine around them to use as flower vases for the centerpieces and reception decor. A friend of mine made a burlap table runner for the reception table (we had one long family-style table) as well as the burlap rug on which we stood during the ceremony. I wore my grandmother’s pearls. The ceremony included a ring blessing, where our rings were passed around and each guest made a silent blessing/prayer/thought before we exchanged them. Adam created a rockin’ playlist for the evening and we danced the night away!

Favorite thing about the wedding: The love and support we experienced throughout the whole day (I know, everyone says that…), writing our own vows and saying them to each other, glancing over to our guests during the ceremony and noticing that everyone else was crying too, celebrating our commitment to one another surrounded by our favorite people!

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  • Adam and Evangeline are so sweet and fun and adorable. Their wedding was the first APW wedding I photographed, and it couldn’t have been a better way to kick off working with such amazing couples and such meaningful weddings. I loved every minute of it, and thanks for sharing it here!

  • love this wedding! so much fun! the bride dress is so nice

  • Lauren

    That dress! I am dying. This couple is so beautiful.

  • JenMcC

    Meditation Mount is an amazing place. I never thought of it as a wedding venue, but it’s clearly a gorgeous one. This post feeds my small wedding envy – because it’s also so lovely. It was clearly a beautiful, loving and warm wedding. Also, the bride’s dress and haircut are phenomenal.

  • COSarah

    That dress! Her hair! So gorgeous! Congratulations!!

  • Love that they meditated together and walked down the aisle together. So sweet

  • Eileen

    I would pay a zillion dollars to have my hair look like that (as opposed to “stick out straight like a baby bird” which is its normal m.o. for a short cut). Evangeline, does it just *do* that? Or did you wrangle it? HOW?!

    And of course: lovely photos and it looks like a day wonderfully spent! But really I am distracted by the hair.

  • Amanda

    Love it! We had a “ring warming” during our ceremony. Watching my parents hold the rings together while they said a blessing was a favorite moment of mine and of the entire bridal party. I love wearing my ring now knowing that all my loved ones “warmed” it for me. (I think I saw the idea on APW, but now I can’t remember!)

  • Ohhh this is just lovely!

  • So lovely!! Congratulations. :)

  • Beautiful, just beautiful. Congratulations!

  • Beautiful! I grew up right down the street from Meditation Mount and have frequented Azu – what awesome venue ideas. I knew that 9th photo looked unmistakably familiar… I’m feeling lots of happies over here to see an APW wedding in my little hometown :) congratulations to you both!

  • Emilie

    I love pixie brides! I think today begins my campaign for a PIXIE/SHORT-CUT BRIDE board on the A Practical Wedding Pinterest.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Sojas

    Did it look like they walked down the aisle together? I am interested in any weddings where couples defy the tradition of ‘being given away’ and walk in as a team. For me, as a feminist, and someone who grew up in a fundamentalist Christianity, it is so important for me to eradicate all connotations of gender inequality from my wedding. But to do so, without hurting the family… ah, sigh.

    • Annaranjada

      Yes, it does look like they walked together. LOVE the love-filled expressions on their faces!!!

      My husband and I (as feminists, and as a couple having an equality-affirming, multicultural Christian wedding) definitely wanted to defy the giving-away-property tradition, but also include our parents as a way of honoring them for walking us this far in our life journeys and now blessing us on our journey into marriage. Our outdoor, amphitheater-style venue made it an easy decision… there were two center aisles, not one, so we each walked down one of the center aisles, at the same time, with both of our parents. It was perfect for us… I definitely needed both my parents’ arms to hang onto during that very emotional walk down the aisle! And I also was deeply grateful to see both of his parents equally committed to that same role of walking-with-us-and-blessing-us-on-our-way. I can’t imagine a more appropriate culmination of the way our whole wedding-planning and life-joining process went, with both sets of parents supporting and affirming us the whole time. So, that’s my experience, and another idea for you, Sojas. cheers :)

    • Yes! Adam was standing on one side of the ceremony room before it started, Evangeline entered from the other side, they met in the middle of the room and walked down the aisle together. It was very sweet. Their parents were all involved with giving readings, blessings, and officiating the ceremony, but the couple did the aisle with just the two of them.

  • Joanna

    Congratulations to the two of you! I cried multiple times looking at your beautiful photos. I can see the emotion in each one, and it really touched my heart.

  • unusual wedding dress, I like it.