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Intro: What To Wear On Your Head When You Wed

Remember ages ago when I asked you for tips on indie rings and brial headwear? I got lots and lots of tips on rings (that post is still forthcoming), and very few tips on headwear. Which is exactly what I expected. There are some good indie bridal noggin options, but they are limited. We need more options. In an attempt to pull some choices together, I asked two of my sassy and savvy blogger friends – East Side Bride and Peonies and Polaroids – to join me in a ‘Things To Wear On Your Head When You Wed’ roundup. Because I’ll take style tips from these two ladies any day of the week.

What we wear on our heads seems to be a particularly loaded decision. It’s noticeable, it’s fraught with symbolism, and nothing changes as much in bridal fashion as headgear. Somehow, because of that, some of our posts are a roundup of options, and some of them are more a personal discussion of bridal headwear decision making. I’m not sure why headwear (or the ‘to veil or not to veil’ decision) is quite as emotional as it is, but it sure is fascinating.

Which brings up to fascinators. Up next. So here we go.

The far from definitive ‘Things To Wear On Your Head When You Wed.’ Volumes I, II, and III. Please welcome these two lovely ladies like the bride-blogging-indie-rockstars they so clearly are. Hit it!

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