Introducing APW How-To Posts!

Finally you guys. FINALLY. I get to introduce a project that we’ve been keeping a secret for five whole months. Do you know how hard that is? Seriously. It’s hard. Last summer, I decided that I wanted to create How To content specifically for APW. I mean, to hell with poorly photographed How To posts with instructions I could barely read, let alone bring myself to care about. (Measure 8.5 inches and then cut with a slight jagged edge? Shut up.) To hell with projects that would clearly cost me a month’s wages, and then take another full month to execute. (Glue painted bottle caps all over my living room walls as wallpaper? Shut up.) I wasn’t having it.

I wanted to create some How To content for lazy girls like me: projects that looked pretty, were cheap, and resulted in items that were actually useful. So I teamed up with Elizabeth of Lowe House Creative and Emily of Emily Takes Photos, and along with APW staffer Kate, we retreated to Elizabeth’s family’s beach house outside of San Francisco for a few days, for what became known as the APW Craft Extravaganza. And I mean “craft” in the loosest possible sense. I am not, in any sense, a crafter (though I do know how to design and sew clothing from scratch, and how to knit, but those are practical skills I learned on my mom’s knee).

Starting tomorrow, you can get details on how to make some easy (and actually useful) projects for your wedding, and also have fun doing it. Because we had fun. Proof is in the outtakes:

That’s right. In that last picture I am totally posing as the cover my book (kinda like when we took those author photos). YOU’RE WELCOME. It was good times, you guys. But we also did a lot of work. And because of that, you get some really good stuff. You can expect this magic, coming right atcha:

  • Lazy Bouquets
  • Crafty Centerpieces
  • Lazy Escort Cards
  • Crafty Escort Cards
  • Lazy Bridal Veil
  • Crafty Bridal Fascinator
  • Lazy Table Runners
  • Crafty Table Runners
  • And more…

You guys… it’s going to be epic. First post coming at you tomorrow, and then one every Thursday. Let’s do it.

Photos: Emily Takes Photos

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  • AWESOME. I think it’s totally appropriate right now to do the Kermit arm flail. *FLAIL*

  • Alison


    Like I needed another reason to love APW? Meg and the rest of you? You make it too easy. <3

    ::bounces with glee::

  • caitlindentino

    I love this!! And if you think there may be a need for future Craft-aganzas, I herby offer my services. WHich not only include lazy crafts, but those that can be done before, during and after copious amounts of wine. Or bourbon. If you know, you like to imbibe.

    • meg

      That’s kind of my theme. Any craft that can’t be done after a glass of booze is clearly not a craft worth doing for your wedding ;)

      • I have been making lazy garland (shiny silver label stickers + fishing line) this month while I watch TV, and (according to Bryan) I ended up drunkenly doing about 4 feet of it during a party we had recently. I don’t recall that, but it still looks fabulous!

        DIY doesn’t save the world, but I bet drunken, lazy DIY could take down a super villain or two!

        • meg

          “I don’t recall that, but…” Ha.

  • Oh, I so need this.

  • Krista

    YES! I NEED ALL OF THESE TUTORIALS! Can’t wait, thank you!!!

  • Love it!!

    And Meg…I want your dress!!!!!! Don’t bring it to Cyprus if you come visit because I can’t promise I won’t hide it from you so that you accidentally forget it here ;)

  • Sara Koz


    Eight minutes ago (no joke) I emailed my designer friend and asked, “How difficult is it to make a birdcage veil? Where can I find french netting? I have a tiny ass head and don’t want a feather overpowering my head. HELP!”

    Meg, et. al get outta my head space. Except, please don’t cause I like you up in ther!

  • Marie

    YAY! Thank you!

  • I’m going to assume that the how-tos are How to Drink Wine with Your Friends (Yay!) and How to Snuggle Puppies (Yay!).

    And maybe a few other useful things, too. ;) Can’t wait to see what you have in store!

    • meg

      BASICALLY YES. You nailed us.

      • This is why I love APW! The people who know all the important things in my life.

    • Liz

      What about How to Drink Wine with Your Friends While Snuggling Puppies? (double yay!)

  • Yay lazy DIY/DIT!!
    This is going to be awesome, I can already tell from the pictures.

  • PA

    Yay! I was running into the exact same thing with craft posts: “This will take forever, be more expensive than the store-bought thing, and probably not look so good.”

    So huzzah!

  • Yay! This is such a terrific idea, and totally needed! (Just not invitations, for that you come to Team Practical Fairy GodMama, right!?) Centerpieces, Bouquets, yes!! Especially given the cost of some of this stuff from WIC practitioners. The Amazing Sarah and her bridal posse made all the bridal bouquets AND guys’ bouts the day before the wedding from bunches of COSTCO roses and they looked PROfessional! And as close as I can remember, I believe beer, wine, booze or vegetable stimulants were involved.

  • One More Sara

    yesssssssssss. i was just searching today for veil tutorials. so grateful that i have time to wait for the APW version :)

  • Meg

    Hooray for crafting! I am very pleased to see glasses of wine in the very top photo. Wine or other booze is essential to low-stress crafting. Especially when there are a few people, each with their own idea of what the intended outcome is for the craft at hand.

  • Love it! Especially love that there are both lazy and crafty alternatives for some.

    • meg

      For ALL. Though the “crafty” still have to be something even I can handle, so nothing too intense.

  • Leila

    I’m so excited! I’m currently trying to figure out the easiest way to do table runners and other things in a way that won’t be too expensive or end badly. Perfect timing!


    This series is going to rule.

  • Woot! This is going to be so great. I love your blog!

  • Just in time for my wedding, which is in a week! I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE A LAZY GIRL BOUQUET. That’s me! Lazy! And a girl!

    • meg

      Tomorrow we show you how, with step by step photos (Hint. It’s SUPER easy.)

    • You can DO IT! And you’ll have fun……… and booze! ;-)

    • Paranoid Libra

      Yay for next week!

  • MDBethann

    Yay! I am not a crafty person by any means (musical yes, crafty and artistic, no) so while I LOVE the idea of DIY or DIT, I haven’t attempted any of it for my wedding. However, if you are going to have Lazy DIY or DIT, especially things that can be done even while/after drinking, then heck, I could probably even do it!!

  • ZOMG YES!!!!!!!

    I love that there is a “lazy” and a “crafty” option for things.

  • maura

    i want another wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anne

    You all are seriously, seriously AWESOME. I’m getting married in a few months, and I’ve been wondering how I’ll put together so many of these details. I often either don’t want to spend a lot of money or don’t care that much about many of these things (and am also not crafty), but still want everything to look pretty. YES! (Also, Kermit arm flail!)

    • See, this is exactly how the Amazing Sarah felt about flowers and we tossed together her bouquets in a morning/afternoon group frenzy! She knew that those bouquets were going to be “on” for, max, an hour and then who cares. Also? her veil? Took me (not totally crafty) maybe an hour to pull together out of veiling from JoAnn Fabrics. So, lesson here? Spend your time and money on that which is REALLY important to you as a couple and DIY/DIT the rest that no one will actually even notice! Who ever says to a bride, at a wedding reception, “Your bridal bouquet was the best part of your wedding.” WHO!?

  • O.M.G. !!!

    I cannot wait for all the lazy tutorials! This could not have come at a better time. I keep putting off the centerpieces because they were going to be so time consuming!

    APW is saving my wedding once again.

  • THIS is so amazing! I love it already and highly encourage wine drinking and crafting. My girlfriends from Columbus and I used to get together for “Crafty B*tches” nights, which were mostly just an excuse to drink wine (or homemade eggnog around the holidays) and try to craft until the wine impeded any ‘safe’ crafting practices :o)

    In light of the new APW Crafty B*tches series (as I will now forever call it), I feel the need to introduce you all to Amy Sedaris’s book, “Simple Times: Crafts For Poor People.” It makes a delightful coffee table book full of laugh out loud fun. Topics include crafting under the influence, ‘fornicrafting’, and pre-crafting stretches, among many others.

  • Kara

    Yay! I love crafts, but would be very excited to see more “reasonable” craft tasks related to weddings. Thanks for filling the gap.

    Also, love, love, love the dress. Can we find out the source please?

  • Ashley

    HELLZ YES. I am the antithesis of crafty- it makes me anxious when I think about having to craft or be crafty…although I always seem to find myself saying “Wouldn’t it be COOL if we….”

    Cue anxiety.

    And imbibing? Always.

    But extremely important-WHERE IS THIS DRESS FROM?!!!! Please Meg, let us know.

    • meg

      Ha! You guys have asked me this at least three times now, in each of the three posts where it showed up. It’s vintage and I got it in Seattle at Le Frock. I’m a perfect vintage size (busty, small) so I collect a lot of stuff, because it all fits me perfectly off the rack and it’s pretty cheap. Sorry ladies :(

  • Kaiti


    ‘Nuff said.

  • Leena

    I would probably be so excited about the DIY, but was too distracted by that AWESOME dress! Please let us know where it’s from!

  • Cindy Paasch


  • SamandStache

    I might wet my pants from sheer joy!

  • Jen M

    Meg, I love you. Seriously.

    That is all.

  • N.

    Less money on centerpieces (not that I need them at all, but they can be fun and pretty) = more money for booze. Yay!

    • meg

      So we’re doing a floral centerpiece next week. But don’t let that fool you. We have a WAY CHEAPER centerpiece idea a little further down the line.

  • Jen B

    But, wait, weren’t there how-to posts already? I know there were, because part of my centerpieces existed thanks to Kelly’s luminaria how-to. (Yeah dude, APW brides use APW how-tos! For realsies!)
    Not that I’m disparaging the Return of the How-To, nor the prospect of it being a more regular feature. Just saying, y’all are so meta, having how-tos before the was a How-To.

    • Jen B

      PS that comment was also an exercise in seeing how often I could use the phrase “how-to.”

    • meg

      Of course there were How-Tos (Obviously! It’s a whole section on the site you guys!) But they were things submitted by readers. For the first time we’ve PRODUCED how to’s, as staff, so you have clear high quality, well photographed content, in a cohesive series. Enjoy it, y’all, because it was neither easy nor was it cheap (lots of expensive and talented lady hours here).

      • Jen B

        Reading comprehension fail!

  • Ooh, the veil one gets me excited…even though I got married ages ago. I had wanted to make my own veil because I think they are super overpriced for something that is not complicated. But I procrastinated and then time ran out and reason prevailed and I just bought way to get it done and move on. BUT…I will be happy to read how to do it APW-style…you know, in case I ever end up making one for somebody else or something… Ya never know…

  • Granola

    I can’t wait for the bridal veil!!!! I really want to wear one but I think that I’ll end up taking it off after the ceremony because it will be heavy and cumbersome. Hence, I hate to spend $300 on something to wear for 90 minutes, but hate to forego it.

    I just want something simple and elegant. Cue the lay girl’s veil…..

  • Amanda

    THANK YOU! I am so excited about this! I put a post-it marker on the DIY flowers section of the APW book and now that you will offer more resources, it’s just too awesome for words. Thanks!

  • Leah

    YAY!! This makes me SOO happy!

    I love to be “crafty” but have little skill and even less patience. So any craft that is truly cheap, easy, and can be done with a glass of wine (or 3) is awesome in my book. I’m looking forward to Thursdays now!

  • Tamara Van Horn

    As a woman who did (no, like seriously, copied it like it was paint-by-numbers), the Lazy Bride’s Guide to a Blog-chic wedding,,,and hired Elizabeth, I say HELLZ YEAH for APW Lazy Crafts! Or as I call them, “Things I Will Distract Myself From My Dissertation, Making.” For no real reason at all!

  • Alicia

    This is fantastic news! Yay! This will amke the wedding so much more manageable!

  • KateW

    This is so great! Thanks so much!

  • Jen

    Lazy crafts! I love it!!

  • MWK

    Oh god I hate it SO MUCH when the “easy how-to” has instructions like you mentioned/rightfully mocked. Sew around the circle, turn inside out and then hand sew the rest, all before you measure out 6 grams of purple dye that you will sprinkle around like fairy dust? Shut up for reals. (I am not a sewer).
    Love this (and your first post was just my speed of craftiness).