Introducing Emily & Maternity Leave

As of today, I’m officially, publicly, mostly, on maternity leave. In reality, Maddie has been more or less in charge of APW for the last week, and I’ve been puttering around behind the scenes tidying things up. Last week, our Doula asked us how me “resting” was going. David said, “Well, I think today was her first day of maternity leave, and she worked for nine hours.” I gave the obvious response, which was, “Now that I’m not in charge, I have so much time to get things done! Plus, working is so much more relaxing than sitting around.” True, y’all.

As the APW team makes the transition, it seemed like a fitting time to announce a few (excellent) changes.

First up, Maddie has been promoted to Managing Editor of APW. Three cheers for Maddie! She’s done more and more work, and she has contributed in huge ways to APW over the past year. So her taking the reins for maternity leave seemed like the perfect time to officially promote her. Also, during wedding season, she’s done a phenomenal job of running her own business and making APW tick, and she’s slept a frighteningly small amount (frightening to me, because I really like sleep).

Which brings me to the fact that I’m thrilled to introduce our Editorial Assistant for the duration of maternity leave, Emily Threlkeld. Longtime readers will know Emily from her New Orleans Elopement, her essay on faith, proof, and the immigration process, Confessions of A Bridal Registry Consultant, and her crazy, ballsy, non-anonymous essay How I very Nearly Almost Cheated On My Husband. She’s also quoted in the APW book. I think what I mostly want to say about Emily joining the APW staff is that she’s a reminder to me that you make your own luck (something her husband told her on their wedding day). Unbeknownst to me, Emily put a post-it on her bathroom mirror saying that she wanted to work for APW. (Maybe after the Atlanta book talk where I claimed that was the way I reminded myself of all my most important goals?) But then there were the other things she did, like write lots of amazing things for the site and get to know the staff; drive for seven hours to meet Maddie and me at the Atlanta book event; send me her résumé after said event; and then in May send me an email outlining why I should hire her and what exactly she could bring to the team. Fast-forward to this month, when I realized we needed to hire someone to help Maddie for maternity leave, and I didn’t have time for a full-scale search, and I said, “SELF! Hire Emily! She is great!” And so we did. That, my friends, is a woman who makes her own luck.

And with that, my friends, I’m out. (At least mostly. For now). See you on the other side.

Photos from the Atlanta Book Talk by Leah and Mark, Me with Leah and Mark’s baby, That’s Emily right in the front!, Me

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  • Sam

    May the baby-having go well, and the sleep not be too scarce!
    Can’t wait to hear back from the other side…

  • Jashshea

    Best of luck, Meg & David!

  • Mary

    Best of luck to both you and David!

  • Granola

    Congrats Meg! To you and David and yet-unmet baby.

    And way to go Maddie and Emily!!!

  • Alison

    I hope that you do get to do some actual resting pre-baby-arrival! Sending lots of love your way!

  • carrie

    All the best to you and David!

    And congrats, Maddie and Emily!

    So much awesome, the exclamation points cannot be contained!

  • Happy maternity leave! May baby come swiftly and safely, and I wish you many wonderful snuggles :)

  • Fist bump to you!

  • Alexandra

    Have a good maternity leave! I’m sure we’ll miss you!

  • Congrats Maddie and Emily…and, Meg, thanks for leaving us in very capable, enthusiastic hands! Best wishes for your maternity leave!

  • KB

    So many good thoughts headed multiple ways with this post :-) Hooray!!

  • Diane

    As I told a (very confused) shoe salesman when I was two years old, it takes a lot of work to push a baby out of your uterus! So consider this a “hard work” fist bump…

  • Happy baby-having!

  • Good luck, and many many fist bumps of solidarity.

  • Edelweiss

    Best of luck to everyone in their new adventures!

  • LeahAndMark

    Yay! Happy Maternity Leave! Congrats to Maddie and Emily! BabyRoX says you are going to be an amazing mom, and he’s happy to come play with you and your kidlet at future book talks.

  • Good luck, Meg! You’re going to be a fabulous mama. Sending lots of love to you, David and Practical Baby. xoxo

    And yay Maddie and Emily!

  • Peabody_Bites

    Congrats Maddie on a well deserved promotion and Emily on your hard-core star hauling. Meg – fistbumps, luck and love. Thank you for taking us all along on your journey, and nudging us a little further along our own. Can’t wait to hear about the view from the other side. All best to you, to David and to [APB].

  • Meg, SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaay!

    Happy Promotion Maddie!

    Welcome Emily!

  • Marcie

    Good luck!!

  • Genevieve

    Best wishes to you and your family, Meg!

  • Here’s wishing you a safe delivery, Meg, and a wonderful maternity leave. I hope the next bit of becoming a parent is easier on you than the pregnancy has been.

    And huge congratulations to Maddie and Emily!!

  • Love & luck & a joyful and safe birth to you!

  • Class of 1980

    Congratulations Maddie. Welcome Emily.

    Meg, take care of yourself and bebe.

    We’ll see you on the other side. Very excited about the new earthling!!!

  • I wish you well:)

  • Bethany

    Enjoy! Excited for the arrival of your baby! I’ve loved being a mom of twin boys (3 mo old now) surprisingly much!

  • Best wishes to you and David!!! Rest, get a massage, and wait for the newest adventure to begin!


    And also, YAY EMILY!!! She is one of my favorite contributors, her elopement story is in my top ten favorite on the site. (And considering how many Wedding Grads I’ve read, YOU ARE IN RAREFIED COMPANY, MISSY!!!)

    Sorry, I’m apparently yell-y today. But also super excited!!! Hugs all around!

    • Emily

      That is a huge honor, coming from the Jazz of Sass herself!

  • Hiring Emily will be one of the best decisions of your life. I can guarantee it. Congratulations, Emmy, you deserve this because you worked hard for it <3

  • Hi, just wanted to tell you, I loved this article. It was helpful. Keep on posting!