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In this last wild ride of a year, when weddings all but shut down, I finally had some time to… well, do all of the projects that had been sitting on my plate for a decade. And when I sat down to ponder what my passions I wanted to pursue, I realized that I wanted space to lean into the conversations I’ve had on APW for years about women, money, self-worth, and entrepreneurship.

I’ve had a year to think about how I wanted to have these conversations, and after months of work, I’ve finally re-launched (built on Squarespace, obviously), and with it a brand new email list, with lots of my personal writing.

I’d love for you to join my email list, and you should for sure join if:

    • You have, or are interested in starting your own business. (I mean if this is you, 500%, join the list now.)
    • If you don’t ever want to own your own business but you’re really interested in conversations about women, money, and self-worth.
    • If you like my writing (because that’s where almost all of my new writing and personal content is going right now).
    • If you just want to hang out.

Seriously, go join right now

What else is new?

If you want to check out what else I’ve been up to, head over to the newly re-launched, where you can get a bunch of free e-books I’ve put together focused on entrepreneurship and careers. Here’s a little preview:

      • What Are Your Business Superpowers?: We all have hidden superpowers. You can spot them in the moments you feel truly in flow. In the things that people tell you that nobody else does quite like you. Those superpowers are the secret to building a business you love.
      • Your Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Missing Profits: This workbook contains the number one business (and life) changing exercise I do with my clients to isolate exactly why they’re working all the time with nothing to show for it, so they—and now you—can work less and rest more.
      • Build Your Website in a Weekend: The beauty of starting a business online is that you can do so with minimal effort and capital, and leverage your online presence to build a community that genuinely give a shit about what you are doing. And while you can start that process on social media, you are going to need a website in about two seconds. It is your calling card, and you need one ASAP.  So let’s sit down and make it happen.

Also, of course, as always, if you want to follow along on my life adventures on Instagram you can follow me at @MegKeene, and if you like conversations about money (and you know, dancing) follow me at my new account @practicalbusinessschool.

Big things are coming, friends! And if you want in on those conversations, head over and download the free ebooks, or just join my new email list. I have so much to say to other women, and I’m thrilled to have built a brand new place to have those business and money-focused conversations.

And of course, and as always, APW isn’t going anywhere. After 13 years, I still adore getting to help you plan your weddings and having big conversations about marriage, feminism, and life.


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