Our 200-Guest, Punk Rock Joshua Tree Wedding Was the Stuff of Legends

What's more punk: members of L7 and The Go-Go's performing or the flower girl's pink hair?


Ronda, Realtor & Bryan, Composer for Film/TV

sum-up of the wedding vibe: One big love overdose.

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FAVORITE THING About The Wedding

Walking down the aisle with both of our parents. Also, the best man’s speech. He brought the house down—tears, laughs, screams, applause.

Having the wedding in Joshua Tree made everything feel more intimate and felt like a vacation for a lot of our (200!) guests. While a lot of our LA friends had been there plenty of times, it was a whole new experience to our friends and family who came from other parts of the country. Our guests visited Integratron, hosted Friday night dinner parties, hiked in the park, went to Pioneertown, etc. One couple who came from Texas used the wedding as an excuse to go on a two-week road trip across country.

Other Cool Things we should know

1. We had amazing friends to rely on. Our friends Glen and Steve owned the venue where the ceremony and reception were held and were so helpful. Our dear friend was the photographer and also was a great source for finding reliable vendors. We knew the florist and DJ personally as well. Another great friend who owns an event staffing company (Argyle Event Staffing) helped me plan out the bar and donated two bartenders. Two of our closest friends pre-made syrups for the specialty cocktails. My sister, who is a professional hair stylist and makeup artist, made me look pretty. Our talented friends provided the live entertainment at the after party, which was graciously hosted by our friend Dave Catching at the infamous Rancho De La Luna.

2. Bryan is Jewish and we opted to have a Jewish ceremony. We had a female, interfaith rabbi who helped keep us focused on why we were there in the first place. This was probably the most traditional aspect of our wedding.

3. After the reception we had a shuttle bus transport guests to the after party at Rancho De La Luna, which is a famous recording studio and also the personal residence of musician Dave Catching. We have a lot of friends who are musicians, so we held a sort of mini-concert under the stars. Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Go’s was a guest at the wedding and performed “Our Lips Are Sealed” with Donita Sparks from L7. Our friend Dave dressed up like Bruce Springsteen and did “Dancing in the Dark.” Bryan and I sang “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” by KISS while everyone in the audience sang along and shook the mini-maracas we handed out. I am not a singer so this was out of my comfort zone, but I had so much fun with it and our guests loved it! The party ended around 2AM, making for an eleven hour long wedding.

The Info:

Photographer: Rad + In Love | Wedding Location: Joshua Tree, CA | Venue Name: The Station | Wedding Coordinator: Allie from Pop The Champagne | Flowers, Chuppah, and Skull Decor: Of the Flowers |Dress: BHLDN | After-Party Dress: Prada Outlet | Groom’s Suit: John Varvatos Outlet | DJ: Jimi Hey | Desserts: Over the Rainbow | Bartenders: Argyle Event Staffing | Food: Wise BBQ | Rabbi: Rabbi Wendy Spears | Getting Ready Venues: Mojave Sands and Joshua Tree Inn

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  • Kara

    Just…epic. I can totally picture a real or figurative mic drop after “I was made for loving you.”

    This is just amazing. Congrats!!

  • Vanessa

    The green-yellow after party shoes are maybe my favorite shoes I’ve ever seen. Do you mind sharing where they’re from?

    • Michelle Pullman

      They’re Steve Madden!

  • This is stunning.

  • StevenPortland

    Amazing style in those photos. First time I have ever seen a wedding photo that was just the stars without anyone else in it — it’s a fantastic shot and I bet it is a good memory.

  • Alison M

    WOW. This looks AMAZING, and like so much fun! Her dress is something I don’t think I would have liked on the rack, but on her it is perfection.

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  • Angela

    Everyone looks like they are having a blast! The lace detailing on the back of that dress!

  • StevenPortland

    This is what happens when weddings are posted on a Friday. Everyone is too busy posting on the Happy Hour to post here.

    • VKD_Vee

      You’re so right… I only noticed the teaser on the APW Instagram account and I was like, “What, there was a wedding posted today!?”

  • VKD_Vee

    Wow! This is just…. WOW. (Srsly, wow.)

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  • Marylee Jeria

    That leather jacket is -exactly- what I’m looking for for my wedding. Can you point me in the right direction?

  • brakell-basicinvite

    This wedding looks like a complete blast! Completely blown away with the amount of style and how happy everyone looks. Gorgeous!

  • SD888

    Do you SERIOUSLY need to have a Transgender Flower Girl? Disgusting.