A Joshua Tree Wedding

I know I normally don’t post on the weekends, but guyyyyys, does it *get* better than this? This amazing Joshua Tree wedding comes from the stunningly artistic wedding of the force behind A Desert Fete, with extra pictures from East Side Bride, go check them out.
Hot! And the dress, the dress…. could there be a more perfect dress for this wedding? This makes me feel calmer way deep down that I will be just fine without the big traditional gown.

The ladies of the blog world blow me away every single day with the depth of their talent, creativity, and individuality. If we have a wedding half this amazing, I’ll feel blessed. Congratulations to you both!

Photos by the amazing non-wedding photographer Michelle Pullman

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  • This is gorgeous.
    We’re hoping to visit Joshua Tree while we’re out here on our honeymoon this week!

    p.s. our pro photos are up! links on my blog.

  • Sarahkay

    I love this wedding! It’s so intimate and beautiful. And that dress!