A Chic Oregon Wedding at The Jupiter Hotel

With Korean tacos, mini cupcakes, and lots of laughter

Michele, Homeless Shelter Coordinator & Josh, Child Welfare Worker

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: A fun, laid-back celebration with a lot of laughter and love.

Soundtrack for reading: “Sweet Disposition” by The Temper Trap

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Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

Months after getting sized, it was tricky getting Josh’s wedding ring on his finger during the ceremony—it was a tight fit—but it made for a good laugh! We tried our best to make the entire wedding experience as relaxed and fun as possible for ourselves and our guests, so the silly moment fit right in. During the reception everyone helped themselves to dozens of mini cupcakes and an all-you-can eat Korean BBQ taco bar, which were both a hit, and we also provided activity books and crayons for the kids until the dancing started. One of the kids gave Michele a necklace and sang two songs from the movie Frozen for us after the toasts were finished! In place of a guest book, we also included Mad Libs inside of each program for people to fill out; they varied from serious, to silly, to overtly sexual, and they are all treasures.

To all of our friends and family who celebrated with us, and to all of those who were there in spirit, THANK YOU. We felt your love and will remember this day fondly for the rest of our lives!

Favorite Thing About The Wedding

The kiss! And calling each other husband and wife for the first time. And can we also say everything else?


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  • Bketchum

    Dat dress, tho. Love. Mind giving up the details?

  • Em

    Love that dress–it’s almost exactly what I’m looking for! Where did you find it?

  • I have secretly coveted a fantasy brunch wedding… but a Korean BBQ Taco Bar…? I’m questioning everything I thought I knew.

  • HannahESmith

    Koi Fushion taco bar at the Jupiter Hotel? As a fellow Portlander, I’m impressed. Plus we had the same photographer. Everything about this wedding is amazing. Love the bouquet too!

  • Lan

    Such a lovely space! We did our rehearsal dinner last year at this venue and it was so easy!

  • Thanks thanks thanks for the feature! I <3 you guys!

    • Meg Keene


  • JSwen

    Yay – Portland weddings! Looks like it was an awesome party.

  • Fiona

    That bouquet is STUNNING.

  • JDrives

    Oh man…that dress knocks it out of the park. And noticing your job titles (I’m also in social services), you both do awesome and important work – right on!

  • sara g

    Ack! Love this! I’m seriously drooling over that dress.

    (And it just so happens that Stephanie will be our photographer too. YAY)

  • Caitlin_DD

    I enjoy that MadLib. I always wondered if they’d come out well in a wedding situation. Obviously they do.

  • Wedding Mad Libs?!?!?!! Genius!!!

    • JDrives

      Seriously! I would love to have those for my wedding! How can I find this elusive KBottini?

  • Heh

    I love seeing my fellow “as tall as or taller than the groom” brides out there. Represent!

  • Kara Davies

    Oh my, perfect song choice for this post!

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