Kate & Colemine’s Wedding Weekend

There are some weddings out there that make you think something like, “How ever did they find that deep shade of eggplant for the brides shoes?” and then their are some weddings, every now and again, that you see and you say to yourself, “Self! I wish I was at that party, because that party is my kind of party.” Kate and Colemine’s wedding is one of the latter. This wedding was shot by today’s sponsor and photographer extraordinare, Jessamyn Harris.
This wedding is one in many ways my dream wedding: they rented out The Wellspring Renewal Center for a whole weekend and had all their friends and family come and stay and hang out and help them throw the whole shindig. They had simple taco fixings for dinner (mmmmm….), friends did flowers, every one pitched in for a dessert buffet, and lots of live music. And, did I mention, other then Jessamyn (a personal friend of the couple) they had no vendors (which is a little bit of a day-dream for me… even though we have great wedding elves).

It will tell you a little something about me that the picture of this wedding I’m most excited about is probably this one. They served local wine! Wheee! We are doing the same, and serving awesome Russian River wines from vineyards we know and love like Rochambeau, above.)
They made a little lounge for people to chill at during the reception.

Before dinner people went down to the river to hang out.

And the party, the party… hanging out, listening to live music, kids running around, glowsticks? I’ll take that over perfectly prepared favors any night of the week (and twice on Sundays).

Congratulations Kate & Colemine, here is to many long and happy years!

Now go check out the whole wedding, and the slideshow at chez Jessamyn Harris.

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