Rachel & Jason

Georgia farm wedding

* Rachel, Server at Applebee’s, Student at UGA & Jason, Student at UGA, Peer Financial Aid Consultant * Photographer: Genel Lynne with Voyage Images * Soundtrack for reading: “Next to Me” by Sleeping at Last *

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Our wedding was comfortable, casual, whimsical, and heart-warming. :)

The Info—Photographer: Genel Lynne with Voyage Images / Location: Georgia / Venue: Keller Farm / Rachel’s Dress: Ideeli / Jason’s Jeans: Gap

Other cool stuff we should know about: Everything was DIY. Friends pitched in, my mom’s best friend did the flowers from her garden, my other friends did the music, my sister was the DJ, and every bridesmaid got her own dress. It was incredible! Our first look was off site at the Methodist Camp Grounds in Buford, Georgia. On the way to our venue, the photographer noticed it, asked the groundskeeper if she could bring us there for the first look, and he said yes. It was such a romantic spot and we really loved the spontaneity of having a first look after all.

Favorite thing about the wedding: I loved the blessings people wrote and hung on the wedding cabinet, that was really special.

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  • Corrie

    I love the joy that is radiating out of all these pictures!

    Also, is that a Sue Wong dress from Ideeli?? I just bought two during last week’s sale to try on as potential wedding dresses! You totally rock it!

    • Emmers

      ahhhh, I too think it’s a Sue Wong. I ended up getting a Kathy Hilton from ideeli, but I drooool over those Sue Wong dresses.

      • Corrie

        Right? Her dresses are amazing.

    • Rachel

      Thank you! It is a Sue Wong dress, purchased from ideeli at a great price. :)

  • TeaforTwo

    Beautiful dress!


    Tell me you’re gonna see HER featured on the Kn*t, amiright? APW IS RAD.

    • One More Sara

      umm great idea for a search keyword! “Brides with Dreads”!

  • MK

    I love your super-cute little foxy cake toppers!

    And you are a brave, brave woman to hold a (totally adorable) kitty while wearing that dress! (fur! everywhere!)

    • anon

      Those cake toppers! I haven’t found fox cake toppers quite that cute yet, those are amazing!

      • Rachel

        Those little foxes are hand-made by the groom. Just one of the perks of marrying an artist!

    • I love that picture!

  • Alison O

    Of all the weddings I’ve seen on APW, this one might most closely approximate the balance of elegance and laid-backness I’ll be going for.

  • Kerry

    That picture of Jason looking at Rachel! and that kiss! you can just feel the love pouring from them both!

  • Laura

    that flower crown!

  • The pretty white lights strung around the reception are just perfect! Everything is beautiful. Congratulations~

  • ART

    wow, not a lot of wedding *photos* make me cry but this one really did…you guys look SO HAPPY.

  • <3 this. Also, thanks for the music rec. :)

  • Her flower crown was absolutely gorgeous. It definitely fit the vibe of the wedding better than a traditional veil and was extremely flattering on her.

  • nikki kovach

    I’m just looking back on these weddings now. Please, please please please tell me how you DIY’d that stage! I’m trying so hard to convince my fiance to have an outdoor, camp wedding. It’s all grass, so he’s nervous there won’t be any dancing!