A Kid-Friendly Southern Wedding with Confetti and Sprinkles

Wherein firemen are called on the wedding party, chaos ensues, and all is brilliant.


Sarah, Social Worker & Matt, Construction Project Manager

ONE SENTENCE SUM-UP OF THE WEDDING VIBE: Our wedding was an “non-traditional-traditional” wedding with extra fun and a side of chaos.

SOUNDTRACK FOR READING:  “Moon River” The Honey Trees



The six-foot floral wreath hanging from the ceiling made by my wedding planner and florist, Evan. The confetti. My sequin dresses. The triple chocolate brownie groom’s cake. All of our very favorite people in the world in one room.


The most talked about part of the wedding is probably “The Sprinkler Incident.” My wedding party and I somehow managed to set off the sprinklers in the bridal suite about thirty minutes before the “first look”—right before I put on my dress. The twelve-story hotel was evacuated as our room filled with water and it was a mad dash to get everything (and everyone) out of there without ruining my dress/hair/makeup/shoes/flowers/wedding day. My bridesmaids and entire lady crew (hair/makeup team included) were legit super heroes and ensured that everything turned out just fine, but it was a major group effort. After that chaos settled, all my nerves and jitters were zapped away and the rest of the day truly felt like an out of body experience. We sadly did get a bill for water damage to the room, but at the end of the day we were married and that’s what it’s all about!

Our wedding was also notably kid friendly, mostly due to the large number of special kids in our lives. Combined, we have five nieces and three nephews, and we really wanted to include everyone. My four youngest flower girls all wore lace heirloom dresses that my mom made for me growing up. The boys all wore suspenders and bow ties with their favorite football teams’ colors. The younger kids walked down the isle with either their mom or dad, and the two oldest walked down together throwing multi colored confetti all over our guests along the way. My only regret of the day is not having a videographer to record that part—just thinking about it makes me smile. The confetti pictures will probably be some of my all-time favorite photos. And yes, there was confetti everywhere, all night. I even found some in my bra at the end of the night.

Another special part of the day was that my dad not only walked me down the aisle, he also danced. This was very close to not happening because he severely broke his ankle just two months before the wedding. I was fine with skipping the dance and just wheeling him down the aisle, but he was very determined to do it on his own. We even practiced walking up and down the hall at my parents’ house with his physical therapist the day of the rehearsal. Just knowing how much this meant to him makes it even more special to me and it’s something I will always remember.


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