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Kim & Annie’s Chic Backyard Wedding (This Time It’s Legal!)

I’m so excited by this beautiful simple wedding, that you’ll have to forgive me… I’m going to share lots of pictures, all taken by the amazing Skye Blu Photography. Let me list the things I love about this wedding: BCBG dresses as wedding dresses (you know how I love that), a wedding in a backyard, the amazing black and white flowers, and finally for this long time couple, a legal ceremony. Hooray California, hooray!
Kim and Annie were married (legally) on the 10 year anniversary of their first kiss (awww….) after two domestic partnerships, and one San Francisco marriage in 2004 that was annulled. They say that this time feels different, but if they have to keep doing it again until it sticks, they will. This sort of commitment to marriage always brings tears to my eyes. our LGBT friends and neighbors are showing us what commitment means, each and every time they wed… yet again.

I particularly love the joy and celebration of these last pictures. One of the brides said “All though we’ve been together for a long time…this feels different. We’ve always thought that people who said that were odd, but all the planning, the decisions, the preparations, the vows…the loving energy and support from friends and family…it just somehow feels different. It just feels like we are married – which is for us more than committed. Whether that is the ritual or the public validation…we aren’t sure, but we like it and we just don’t want it to be taken away again.”

Now go, run, look at more of this stunning wedding, and go check out amazing LA wedding photographer Skye Blu.

Found via The Mad Gay Wedding.

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