Krystal & Patrick’s Happily Ever After Party

I’ve been inundating you with reader weddings of late, but I have so many good ones! Keep them coming. It’s such a honor to get to share them with you all.

This uber-practical reader wedding involved the couple’s children, a passel of adorable babies, and some of the hippest trends around. Krystal and Patrick got Weddinged at a ‘Happily Ever After Party’ at their home in Santa Cruz, after marrying last year at Patrick’s parents home.
This wedding had many practical touches. The bride wore a killer BCBG dress (along with some beautiful ink!). The couple set up a registry with Global Giving, so people could give donations in their honor to various chosen causes, like the Boys and Girls Club in Baton Rouge, or, to build schools in Laos.
Their invites were posters made by etsy seller Unless Someone Like You.
They went to Trader Joe’s the day before of the party and bought all the tulips in the store, and gave their guests mustaches on a stick just for fun.
For favors, the couple bought local honey and bottled it themselves, and tied them with family pictures.
Krystal says: “Patrick and I utilized the multitude of talent surrounding us. My son played guitar, Pat’s friend BBQ’s Oysters, other friends made vegan cupcakes and sushi, helped decorate, took photos, served food, sang. I worked at a local coffee shop in town and the owner graciously donated fabulous coffee for the evening. “
I love this picture of Krystal and Patrick enjoying their son’s performance!
And here are their two sons chilling out. Check out that wee clip on tie!
They had a kids table set up with mad libs, clay, crayons, balloons, little toys, hula hoops (which the grown ups used more)…
And really, I’m not sure how you top this cuteness…
Except with THIS! Which just goes to show you, even a cocktail party wedding won’t keep the cool babies at bay.

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  • Just the name ‘Happily Ever After Party’ makes me wish we stuck to our original plan of small secret wedding followed by big party… ooh, maybe I could still steal it for our day after lunch… *running off to email idea to HP*

  • Aw, I just LOVE this! Everyone looks so happy. Love the idea for a kids’ table too. At first I wasn’t thrilled with the knowledge that we’ll have a lot of kids at our wedding, but I have since decided to embrace it and am planning a kids’ table – now I know some great activities for them to do. Thanks for sharing this delightful party, Meg!

  • Liz

    You need to check out the Washington Post this week. They are doing wedding week and one of the first features was an “Anti-Wedding” which attempted to thwart the WIC. It’s a really amusing read.

  • “Happily ever after party”. Thats so cute. When gay marriage gets legalised in MN, and we get married again, I think thats what we’ll have to call it.

  • How great! Is it just me or the “outside-the-box” weddings are always the best (and most memorable) ones?… Ever since I first commented that I wished I could find more examples of people marrying after having children those seem to pop up everywhere, much to my delight…

  • What an awesome celebration of a fantastic couple! (I know them in real life.)

  • Lovely – such a fun and wonderful way to celebrate their love. Everything about this one makes me feel happy.

  • The tulips are gorgeous.

    And I love the mustache idea. We did get some really cheap fake halloween masks that we may let our guests decorate who don’t bring costumes though.

  • Oh my gosh, I want more!!!
    Happily Ever After is really fantastic, there are so many thoughts swirling around my head. I am now thinking it would be a great thing to name our brunch!

  • oh my god! i totally went to high school with Krystal! and i didn’t know she got married! it looks so nice! congrats K :)

  • Thanks Folks!

    We sure did have fun ( i think, was i there?). I’d love to go back and see the whole thing as a guest, you know?

    Hi Mallika!

    Also, we actually had the party at a vacation rental, not our house, oops!

    Having kids there really made everything light, fun and friendly-I highly recommend it.