A Magical Same-Sex Atlanta Wedding in a Community Garden

Faeries welcome.

Tiffany, Bike courier and yoga instructor & Rebekah, Preschool teacher and amazing mom

SUM-UP OF THE WEDDING VIBE: The magical outdoors full of lights, dancing, vegan picnics, emus, and probably some fairies in the mix.

SOUNDTRACK FOR READING: “How Long Will I Love You” by Ellie Goulding (EMBRZ Remix)

The most wonderful part of our wedding was being able to tangibly feel all the love and support of our family and friends and seeing them get lost in the venue and the music throughout the night!


We chose our wedding venue because it is like a home away from home for us. The space is owned by a community of families and is open to the public all the time. They have drum circles twice a month, playgrounds, an emu, peace pond, and trails that wander everywhere and nowhere. It is simply a space full of beauty, openness, and love. We wanted to surround our friends and families with the same beauty that surrounds us and our family in each moment, so we used the drum circle for the ceremony, the upper deck viewing space as the dance floor, and a big open area in the back for food with a picnic, vintage, fairyland feel. All the food at our wedding was vegan and our DJ (Topher from RareFormations) was INCREDIBLE! Music, food, nature, and energetic light are such an essential part of both of us that those are the things we chose to highlight at our wedding, giving our guests the freedom to roam the space and find their own perfect places.


We were on a pretty tight budget as only Tiffany’s parents were supportive of the wedding. As the dresses are generally a pretty big splurge, we went out on a limb and hunted down exactly what we wanted on the cheap! Beka’s dress, was short, airy, and whimsical and came in at a whopping $40 courtesy of ChicWish! Tiffany absolutely fell in love with a dress designed by Anna Campbell named Aisling; however the real thing comes in at about $10,000, so we spent weeks researching and talking to Etsy dressmakers from around the world and finally settled on one, BeboWedding. In a matter of two months they made the most intricately beaded and beautiful dress imaginable for a total of $680! Our DJ, Topher, absolutely set the stage for hours of getting down, and as we are three (us and our six-year-old son) serious music lovers, he had some hard people to please. He played amazing mixes and spewed incredible energy throughout the night! Another man that made the evening everything it was was our florist and decorator Mike Whittle. We went to Mike with so many ideas for what we wanted and he made every single one of them come true from overwhelmingly beautiful flowers to lights in the trees, vintage seating spaces, and whimsical picnic areas.


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