Kelly & Mike’s Las Vegas No Pants Party

* Kelly, Wedding Blogger, Writer and World Traveler & Mike, Gamblin’ Man * Photographer: Ryan Jackson * Soundtrack for reading: “Hold My Hand” by Michael Jackson and Akon *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A no pants party that went into the wee hours, Vegas-style.


The Info—Photographer: Ryan Jackson / Venue: Gardens Arborteum at Springs Preserve / Reception Venue: Border Grill at Mandalay Bay / Afterparty Venue: Media Suite at Mandalay Bay / Cadillac Rental: Beverly Hills Rental Cars / Wedding Dress: The cheapest silk gown I could find at a rather traditional dress shop / Custom Shrug: Bonzie Designs / Second Dress: From a market in Bangkok / Neon Pink Custom Fascinator: FeatherFlair / Jewelry: Vintage / Kelly’s Shoes: Calvin Klein / Mike’s Suit: Bespoke from FanPlusFriend / Mike’s Shoes: Prada / Mike’s Ring: Boone Titanium Rings / Makeup: Did it myself! / Hair: Makeup To Remember by Veronica Robles / Floral: Enchanted Florist / Afterparty setup, bartending and staff: Culinary Pros Las Vegas / Cakes: Whole Foods / Cake Topper: Made by me! / Rentals: RSVP Party Rentals

Other cool stuff we should know about: Las Vegas is one of our most favourite places in the world, and with people coming from all over the globe to join us, it seemed like the most central place for our little destination wedding. I felt like I wanted it all—an outdoor eco-friendly ceremony site, delicious food, high friend and family attendance rate and a crazy ass party after. We got that, and then some! Vegas was so good to us.

Despite a litany of errors on the day (working on ceremony programs the night before the wedding, my makeup artist being a no show, Mike realizing he had forgotten his pants minutes before the ceremony) the entire day was amazing. Special shoutout to my best man and woman for fetching said pants from the hotel in record time.

We also got so lucky by having my co-worker at the time not only shoot the day, but the events leading up to and around the wedding. He was the one who told me Mike’s pants were missing, and was a little too gleeful to capture my reaction, if you ask me. I was a newspaper photo editor at the time, and he let me have full control over all my raw images, and well, if you are a photo editor, editing shots from your own wedding is like…well, it’s heavenly. I made full use of my Polaroid, too, for the guestbook and for the day of. Many of them are my favorite images of the day.

Our co-best friend Kenny officiated the wedding with a very personal ceremony, and the groom’s processional song was the theme to Star Trek: The Next Generation. I surprised my parents by having a tiny chair that had lived in my Gran’s house for many years until her death brought down to Vegas by my inlaws, and I used that to stand on and kiss Mike. I also shared the news we were moving to Japan (I had gotten word that morning) with everyone post-ceremony. We cruised in an old Caddie around downtown Vegas before the reception and took photos at the Neon Museum.

We got to see everyone more than we might normally by hosting a variety of events with various sized groups all around Vegas at all our favorite restaurants and bars over the course of the wedding week. It was a dream come true, and the most fun we could have asked for, and for us it was way better than buying forgettable favors for everyone.

The best move of the night, though, was renting a really sweet suite and bartender for an afterparty, setting up food n’ music n’ booze and just letting everyone do their thing. At four in the morning we finally had to kick people out to take the party elsewhere on the Strip. I left a hefty tip for housekeeping. HEFTY.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Seeing all our favorite people who took the vacation time and expense to come to our shindig and make it the event that it was. We both really treasured that.

Editor’s Note: For more awesome from Kelly & Mike, check out Kelly’s tale of proposing to Mike featured earlier today. 

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  • OMG this wedding is the epitome of cool. And the photography. That picture with your troubled expression, you getting dressed, the groom checking his moustache and all the fun that transcends from the pictures.
    Wishing you all the best, love , joy and happiness in your marriage.

  • WOO HOO! A Vegas wedding is definitely on our short list of weddings to do. Thanks for sharing yours, looks AMAZING, glad he got his pants on time.

  • meg

    OMG. Just, OMG.

    • Maddie

      This is how you know Meg is really on maternity leave. :)

  • mimi

    This looks like an amazing wedding. Love the photo of you standing on the tiny chair!

  • sarahmrose

    So much awesomeness.

    Some specifics:
    THE MUSTACHES!! I am a fan. Both of the real and the fake.
    The sight of your chocolate cake made my mouth water.
    Both of your dresses are just so. gorgeous.

    Looks like you two and your guests had a whole lotta fun. Which is the best kind of wedding.

  • Damn. If I have ever had the chance to re-do our wedding I would want it to be this. All of this. This wedding is perfect.


    True story: I forgot to pack my shorts for the next day in with my other things, so my new husband and I basically got to do an old fashioned panty raid on the bridesmaids cabin to reclaim my pants, which were stuck under my sleeping sister. Ah, memories.

  • Vegas wedding- just awesome! It sounds & looks like it was the ultimate Vegas party. Congratulations & best wishes~

  • LIZ (SINCE 1982)

    How cool to get to read about the proposal and the wedding back to back! You guys have such a fun and independent spirit that comes through so clearly in both posts. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  • Viv

    That kiss on the stool photo is too much! LOVE!!!

  • When I first read the title of this post, I started scrolling through the photos like, whaaat? No pants? Like the no pants subway ride in NYC????? And then laughed out loud when I realized it was just a case of forgotten pants that was remedied before anything too serious happened. ;)

    Congratulations!! It all looks beautiful and so joyful!

  • Hot damn.

  • Gahhhh, I love everything about this wedding. The mustache and the suit, standing on a tiny chair! You two seem like the absolute coolest, and this post made me want to be your friends!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Cool and awesome wedding! It definitely was a blast. The pictures were great. It shows how much the wedding was fun!

  • Michelle

    Love love love your dress! So gorgeous and looks comfy too. Awesome. Looks like a day of great joy.