In Blessed Memory Of Lauren & Kamel Dupuis-Perez

APW's Founding Team Member

Dear APW Community,

It is with deep sorrow that we share the news of the death of APW’s founding team member and editor Lauren Dupuis-Perez, along with her husband Kamel Dupuis-Perez. Both were killed in a car crash on Tuesday afternoon near their home in Seattle, and are survived by their two amazing young children.

Lauren was a writer and editor, a vibrant human, and a profoundly dedicated and loving mother. She had a gift for documenting the world in the way that flashed the light of joy through the most everyday moments, and wrote in a way that fully embraced the very nature of being human. Kamel was a dedicated feminist father and husband, who supported his community with no holds barred joy and vulnerability.

Both Lauren and Kamel were such bright lights in their community, and were known and loved by so many. Their sudden and tragic loss has left our staff and our extended community struggling to comprehend the enormity of our horror and grief. Their children are exactly the age of my own, and I am awash in grief each moment I look at my own children, and process how Lauren and Kamel’s vibrant, fierce, loving children will grow up without their adoring parents.

A mutual friend told me yesterday that she was trying to find a way to celebrate who Lauren and Kamel were, instead of just mourning who they will not get to be. In that spirit, I wanted to share Lauren’s writing here on APW, where she thoughtfully chronicled their wedding planning, and wrote beautifully about their 2011 wedding.

If you would like to support their children’s educational fund, you can do so at the Go Fund Me set up in their honor. Please join us in sending their family, friends, loved ones, and most particularly their children thoughts and prayers of support and healing.

As we say in Judaism: May the memory of these righteous ones be for a blessing.

Lauren Dupuis-Perez Z”L
Kamel Dupuis-Perez Z”L

With Love and Loss,

A Note: Please understand that our staff is grieving, and please give us the grace and space as a team to muddle through this incredibly painful time.

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