The Memories Of The Wedding Belong To Everyone

Intern Lauren gets married!

Lauren & jared

Soundtrack For Reading: “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk

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Two nights before the wedding, all of our guests met at a North Shore bar where a local four-piece band was playing. Toward the end of their set they broke out with “Land Down Under” by Men at Work, not knowing that there was a considerable contingent of Aussies in the back corner. It brought down the house. By the end of the night, Jared’s friends had pitched in and hired them for the wedding as a gift to us. That after-dinner playlist we had so carefully crafted? It never got played, but I can’t say I’m sorry. Everything really came together in the end, and at the risk of sounding cheesy, it was so close to perfect nothing else mattered. A few weeks after the wedding, when I got in the car after work, “Land Down Under” was playing on the radio and I surprised myself by bursting into happy tears. I realized then that what we now have is a shared memory with all of the people who were there. The major memory triggers from the whole experience aren’t just mine; they belong to every person who was a part of it. And that will bring me to the brink of happy tears every single time.


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  • Shari

    Love the stubby holders!!

    • KJS

      Exactly what I was about to say! And you can’t go past a group rendition of Land Down Under.

    • l_weston

      Any way we can see the other side of one? What a perfect fit for this wedding!

      • Guest

        Ta-da! They had everyone’s names printed on the back.

      • Here you go – they had everyone’s name printed on the back. I think they all made it back home with their rightful owner too!

    • Sara

      I’ve never heard of the term stubby holder! We call these koozies where I live :)

      • We call them koozies (coozies?) where I come from too but I’ve spent too much time around people calling them stubby holders now. And they are apparently an essential part of every household around here (at least the ones I frequent).

    • Valerie Day


  • I totally get this! Friends have told me since our wedding that when they hear Don’t Stop Believing they remember dancing and singing with everyone at our wedding and I love that we have that shared memory that comes back occasionally for each of us when that song comes on the radio. I guess I kind of thought our wedding would really only be memorable for us, so it means a lot to know that our friends like to think back to it too. Yours looks beautiful and so full of joy.

    • I didn’t imagine our friends would look back on our wedding the way they do either. I figured our parents probably would, and our siblings might think about it from time to time. But I love how it was a memorable event for more than just us. Makes me want to be extra sure I’m present for such events in the lives of others.

  • Emma Klues

    What fun :)

  • macrain

    Those bridesmaids dresses!! The stubby holders!! That is SO lovely that your friends got your a band for your wedding. You can’t plan for something as amazing as that.
    Congrats Lauren!

  • kcaudad

    I have a few songs that remind me of other people’s weddings. They aren’t the ‘first dance’ songs, but the ones where a whole crowd was dancing or when something crazy happened like your experience. It’s so fun to have random memories like that!

  • Ashley

    Nice! It’s great to see another Hawaii wedding here.

  • Miriam

    So many happy feels for you! Reading and seeing this was pure joy :) I’m close to happy tears myself, your description is so touching and it is wonderful to hear about the wedding after being part of the planning, worrying and hoping that went into it. Congrats and by the way, you look absolutely gorgeous :)

  • vegankitchendiaries

    Cake smash pic is everything! Beautiful, Lauren… very many congratulations!

    • Oh, thank you! My dad was awesome (and my mom too but she is more camera-shy!)

  • Jane

    Ooooo Ted’s Bakery! One thing APW totally whiffed on for me was Hawaii venders. There was nothing. I’m from Kailua on Oahu. Sunset Ranch was one of my favorite venues, but it didn’t work for our wedding, because we didn’t want our guests to have to drive all the way to the North Shore. Looks like the drive would have been worth it! And Ted’s for dessert! Wheeeee!

    • I struggled to find vendors too – in the end Sunset Ranch just fit everything we were looking for (minus the price point). It was worth it though! And Ted’s = best decision ever.

  • mimi

    This is beautiful! I have to ask – are you barefoot or wearing sandals? I can’t tell from the photos.

    • Barefoot – I was wearing an old pair of sandals but ditched them at the last minute because they ‘made my feet hot.’

  • Alice

    You had CROQUET!!! I would love to be at a wedding with croquet!

    • I was obsessed with having lawn games, even though I only spent about 4 minutes playing them. Still a good decision!

  • Mr. Hername

    The song is just called “Down Under” btw, not “Land Down Under”.

  • I LOVE that tree! It is gorgeous. I’ve always wanted to get married under a tree.

    • Yep, it really sold the venue for me. Plus eliminated the need for creating any kind of backdrop, so that was a bonus.

  • Kara Davies

    Love the stubbies! :D Why didn’t we think of that!? My DH is the original aussie of our family, I got naturalized 5 days before our 7th anniversary. We used Land Down Unda as our recessional. Only my mom, myself, my husband and a select handful of others knew. We didn’t put it on the programs or anything. The *look* my MIL had on her face was priceless! A mix of “No. Really? You cheeky buggers! LOVE IT!” We also rigged it up to play as we headed out to our getaway car. Even now, it cracks people up that we used it as our song. ;)

    • I was worried about them coming out tacky but they actually looked great. Love that you used the song for your recessional – it is surprisingly suitable for a range of occasions!

      • Kara Davies

        Haha! We have a collection of stubbies from various concerts, footy games, and freebies. You can never have enough! ;)