The Lazy (and possibly cheap) Girls Guide To Have A Blog-Chic Wedding

I‘ve been hearing a lot of you stress out about having a blog-chic wedding. You want it, you think, maybe, but you’re a little unclear how you get it. It seems stressful, and like it probably involves a lot of crafting, and you’re not even sure what else, so you’re going to put a bunch of things on your to-do list, and maybe rent a barn and hope you cover the bases.

Right. So, I don’t care if you have a blog-chic wedding. Aesthetics are just aesthetics, not ethics. But. I thought I’d break it down for you, in case you’ve been stressing. And are lazy. And maybe broke, or just cheap. (I was both) Here we go:

  • Marry someone you like. This is key. A wedding where the couple looks like, “Seriously, on further thought, this was sort of a dubious idea…” Not chic. Well, until it becomes wedding industry chic, but thank god that innovation has not yet hit the market.
  • Get a stylish photographer. Not an expensive photographer necessarily, but a stylish one. A talented photographer can make a hot mess look like the most stylish thing you’ve ever seen. For reals (see: stunning pictures of me having a meltdown at our pre-wedding picnic) Alternative: Give your friends Polaroids or Holgas or other weird cameras.

Ok. Unless you’re type-A, you can take a nap from now till the wedding.
Yes, I know you’ve been taught to think that you have to *craft* and *think up cleaver details* and *have innovative save the dates* but you don’t. Your wedding is now blog-stylish. Poof!

Buttttt for the type-A’s out there (hey girlfriends!), I’ll continue.

  • Get an interesting dress. Or pants suit. Outfit, I mean outfit. Notice I didn’t say ‘wedding dress’ or ‘expensive dress’ or even ‘white dress.’ It can be any of these things or none of these things, but the key is that it’s interesting. It can be any dress that makes you say, “hummm. Now that is something interesting.” But if you want to go the extra mile, make women look at it and starting pulling out handfuls of their hair while they wildly search the internet trying to discover a dress like it (Been there. So. Many. Times.) Bonus points: vintage, so there is no way for anyone to ever find a dress/outfit quite like it (cue: hair ripping)
  • Get an interesting venue. Affordable options: guerrilla beach weddings, guerrilla park weddings, cool court house weddings, weddings under overpasses, near taco trucks, in a parents backyard, in fields, in someones house. Slightly more pricey options: in restaurants, non-guerrilla places in parks, the zoo, a circus, a castle (cheap in the right countries), old churches. Possibly wildly expensive options: Barns, museums, summer camps, farms, the family estate, a schooner in the middle of the ocean. Bonus points: having a wedding someone has never had a wedding before.
  • Have fun.

And that’s it. Seriously. You can chuck the crafts, the invitations, the details, the flowers. You can chuck it all. The real secret is that confidence makes you the coolest, and a hip photographer makes you look hip.

Now go forth and have a blog-chic wedding. Or don’t. Who cares. But stop stressing about it, because I just told you how.

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