Just Your Average English Countryside Wedding in an Actual Castle

There's even an ice cream truck.

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CATHERINE, T.V. Post Production Coordinator & Michael, Medical Sales Representative

SUM-UP OF THE WEDDING VIBE: Classically beautiful English Countryside wedding with a feel-good fun afterparty including a live Ceilidh Band that left everyone wishing they could dance until dawn

SOUNDTRACK FOR READING: “La Vie En Rose” by Louis Armstrong

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One of my husband’s friend’s accidentally spilled a glass of red wine down the side of my dress and she was so upset. I was whisked away and everyone was making a huge fuss and getting angry at each other as I was being pulled in six different directions and had every substance with cleaning potential known to man poured onto my dress to no avail. I tore away from everyone and found the girl crying and gave her a big hug and told her to come dance with me. We had a blast. The time spent trying to get the stain out was a waste of dancing time. If you only wear the dress once, you might as well wear the heck out of it!


I have really big feet, so I always have difficulty finding evening shoes not to mention ones I would absolutely love and could wear all night. I decided to look into getting dancing shoes or stage shoes and stumbled upon this amazing website that makes custom Flamenco shoes to your exact-foot size and shape specifications. They were beautiful! And I can’t even begin to tell you how comfortable they were.

I bought my wedding dress at an amazing discount from a boutique outlet called Glamour Closet in Los Angeles. My dress was a little bit too big so I took it for alterations at A Stitch in Time (also in LA), and I felt so well taken care of there by the mother-daughter team, Anne and Olivia. The lovely seamstresses there made my gorgeous lace bolero to boot! I also had matching lace sewn onto a veil by a really lovely woman I found on Etsy.

Our friend and camera-man Colin Mika also helped us make a great engagement video which we used to tell our guests a little more about our love story before sharing the big day with us.


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  • Lawyerette510

    So dreamy!!!!

  • MDBethann

    Gorgeous! Stunning! Also looks like an incredibly FUN wedding! Congrats!

  • Lisa

    My goodness, I can’t even. The photgraphy! The morning suits! Your manicure! Those smiles! Everything looks so beautiful and fun. Congratulations!

    • Eenie

      The manicure! <3

  • Julie Pepin

    Awesome! So happy to be reliving this wedding on your site! Thank you so much for featuring it <3

  • eating words

    Everything looks so heartfelt and warm and gorgeous! I might have to add half these photos to our photography inspiration Pinterest board.

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  • Sara

    Jesus, this is gorgeous. The first picture on here took my breath away, I almost thought it was a still from a movie when this opened in Feedly. Congratulations!

  • Kayjayoh

    I am such a dork. “Hey, those look like Flamencista shoes.” [scrolls down] “Oh, they are!”

    Everything is beautiful, but the photos of you two in the grass are over the top amazing.

  • StevenPortland

    Absolutely stunning photos of your big day. The first one of you in the grass is fantastic.

  • Kelly

    Ohmygoodness, this is SO. DREAMY.

  • Sosuli

    Yay! UK wedding… And it’s in the North! Beautiful!

  • Kayjayoh

    Spam ahoy!

  • Ashlah

    Everything is stunning! I am in love with that first photo. And all the others. I love that you dgaf about the wine on your dress (my first hug at the reception resulted in wine being poured down my back, although it was white) and that you comforted the guest who did it. And solidarity fist bump from another big-footed bride!

  • Kayjayoh

    Spam alert on the comment thread.

  • Margaretbchagnon


  • Kayjayoh

    More spam appearing in the comments this morning. (Nice of them to do it as a reply, I guess, since Discus emails about it.)

  • AGCourtney

    This is perfect!!! Absolutely stunning.

  • fantastic photos which shows true joy!

  • Peter Latham Lewis

    This looks great. I wish we had such venues in South Africa like this.

    Our venues are boring. Some pictures on my website and some wedding music


  • Taryn

    Excellent and amazing pictures! Love the photographer as I love this ones http://alecandt.com great moments captured and everything look amazing! Thanks for share!

  • Mea Rice

    Such a lovely wedding, great work from the photographer!. Captured some beautiful moments! I can’t wait for my big day, I’m also having a Castle Wedding :)