Letter From The Editor: Celebrations

Are you ready to celebrate?

Celebrations | A Practical Wedding

Dear APW,

It’s been quite a year. As December rolls around, I’m more than ready to talk about celebrations. For me, this month is all about the celebration of surviving our baby’s first year. This time last year we had a teeny tiny days old baby with some major digestion screaming issues. We were over the moon, but we were also very very tired. This year? It’s just a new (happier) normal. This month we’re also celebrating getting through completely rebuilding APW from the ground up before the kid’s first birthday. (Who in the hell signs themselves up for that kind of shit? Lord.) It’s about enjoying the slowing pace of work, time off, and time with my family. In short: I bought a gold glitter dress at Forever 21 that makes me look like an Oscar, and I’m ready to wear it.

For the first time ever in December, the APW staff decided to go easy, and just have as much fun as we can. We put our heads together and decided we’ll be doing APW gift guides this year, inspired by our people and your probable shopping list. (Who actually knows what to get for your new In-Laws, right?) Apparently gift guides are the staff’s favorite thing about the internet in December (they were one of the first things I started reading on the blog-o-sphere, back in 2004), and we have no idea why we didn’t start doing them years ago. So let’s celebrate that.

For me, this year has been about survival. It’s been tough in a whole lot of ways, but that toughness has somehow let me thrive. So now that the kid is mostly sleeping through the night, I’m ready to go. Let’s celebrate where we are, what we’ve come through, and where we’re going…come hell or high water.

What are you ready to celebrate? Let’s put together a list of small joys.


Photo by Gabriel Harber

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