A Casual San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Where dapper meets donuts (and booze)

Liz, Attorney & Emily, Attorney

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Our wedding had a casual California vibe, with love of family, friends, joy, donuts, and damn-fine cocktails mixed in.

Soundtrack for reading: “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver

Favorite Thing About The Wedding:

Emily’s favorite thing about the wedding was, after the nuptials, toasting with champagne and donut holes (like us, classy and trashy at the same time). My favorite thing about the wedding was being head-butted by my one-year-old niece while holding her and dancing at the reception.

Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About:

The idea for our wedding started off as an elopement, but organically grew into this quirky, very “us” small wedding at city hall. It was very laid-back, heartwarming, and no frills (which I think allowed us to better enjoy the small moments). We had a lot of help from our friends, too, which made the wedding all that much smoother: we had my good friend and high school English teacher officiate the wedding, a group of friends help set up the table at city hall, a local friend pick up the donut holes freshly made that morning, our boozy friends help pop the bottles and pour the champagne, and a whole lot more.

The reception venue had a shuffleboard table and it was amazing.

One bonus of getting married at city hall in December is you get a lovely Christmas tree in the background of your photos.


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