Live Free Or Die! (Hats off to New Hampshire)

Same sex marriage is now legal in New Hampshire, making it the sixth state where gay couples can marry. This trickle is turning into a tidal wave.

Do we have any proud New Hampshire natives who would like to stand up? Many congratulations to you and yours, this is a proud day for the granite state.

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  • Woohoo!!!

  • I'm from New Hampshire and I couldn't be prouder to be from the "Live Free or Die" state! I'm excited that my fiance and I could now consider tying the knot in my home state – we are straight, but are choosing to get officially married only in a marriage equality state.

  • Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Liz

    Yay New Hampshire! I love my state! Live free or die!

  • Hurray! I'm a Quebecer but we're really close so I feel a little bit of the pride in a personal way.

    One by one. We'll get there.

  • i've never posted a comment on here before, but i've been reading this blog for months as i've been planing my commitment ceremony coming up in october. as a gay woman in nh, i cried tears of joy and pride when i heard the news yesterday- it'll be a great new year's celebration to be able to go with my partner and legally make her my wife. that's the best wedding gift ever!

  • hooray!! Congrats to NH! I looove that states just keep catching on!!

  • I'm a NH bride! So proud to be from here! :)

  • I'm from Maine so will stand halfway up and cheer – CONGRATS NH!

  • Hooray! Next up…PA? I would love to be able to eventually get married in my home state, as long as EVERYONE else can get married there, too!

  • I am so very proud of New Hampshire, and New England as a whole!

    Sadly, I live in the only state in New England that doesn't recognize gay marriage yet. Come on, Rhode Island!

  • Yay New Hampshire! I am a lifer and am so happy that this has finally passed. I even called the governor to let him know I wanted him to sign the bill! I am so proud of my state.

  • I'm super proud of my home state! And happy that in this year that I get married in NH all couples gay and straight will be allowed to marry, yay!

  • I'm a NH bride-to-be, but a Mainer first. Dirigo, as they say :P

    I'm feel so much better about getting married myself now. As a worker with queer youth in NH I felt very torn about "abandoning" my identity as a queer woman and taking on the privilege of marriage when so many of my friends didn't have the right to marry the person of their choice. My youth and I were very involved with the public hearings and campaigns for this bill, I'm so happy to see our dreams come to fruition!

    Anyway, Yay NH!

  • yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lizzie


  • Anonymous


    I find it odd that you would refer to working with "queer youth" when you seemingly support gay marriage.

  • Meg

    The community now goes by LGBTQ… Queer has very much been re-claimed. In fact, David and I are often referred to as queer, it's a catch-all term used for straight allies of the community these days, among others.