Liveblogging Yay New York!

All Photos by Emily Takes Photos

6:00 PM, New York City

This is the last update for the day, since I plan to actually *party* tonight. So you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to get a teaser on the party, and next week for a full run down. But now, the final wedding of the day.

Somehow, within thirty minutes of the boys leaving, we were having another wedding. How that small miracle happened, I have no idea. But Leanne and Anne walked down the aisle, and Genevieve lead a totally different ceremony.

This ceremony was focused on the civil and legal nature of what was happening, because Leanne and Anne are having their big wedding in exactly a month.

When Genevieve read from Goodrich vs Department of Public Health, the entire back row of staff lost it. Later, Anne’s Grandmother, Super Mom-Mom, said, “All the ladies were crying!” And boy were we.

And can we talk about that Confetti System Piñata that they married under? We’re breaking it later tonight, but it’s so lovely as is.

They signed the legal marriage license as part of the ceremony…

And Anne’s Mom rang bells in celebration.

This time, String Theory Trio played for them, and after another “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”so recessional, that song may make everyone on staff today cry for the rest of time. I kept saying that somewhere, Judy Garland was looking down smiling.

Then it finally stopped raining, and the couple dashed out to the terrace.

calin + bisous photo, their official wedding photographer, ran around being adorable and everyone’s new favorite person.

And finally, we revealed the surprise inside Maddie’s cake. The girls gasped. What else can you ask for?

It might be impossible for a single human to go through this more than twice in a day. The sun just broke through the clouds, the documentary film maker came to the backstage area and played Elizabeth and me a film clip of Leanne and Anne thanking us for doing this for “two perfect strangers” as the string trio played “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and I went into the kitchen and snapped. I just started sobbing and sobbing.

It’s been a great day. A long day. If a lifetime is made of moments, today was all moments. And somehow or other, we still have a  long night of dancing and celebrating ahead of us…

We’ll tell you how that went tomorrow.

3:15 PM, New York City

After massive rain delays….

Cory and Aaron are, by the authority of the State of New York, legally married.

I was one of the lucky ones, who witnessed the declaration of true love. (You can see Alex of Federov Foto, their official wedding photographer, playing ninja in the background).

Genevieve made them laugh during the vows.

They kissed. As they walked back down the aisle to a single cello playing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” I cried.


They signed their legal marriage license (thank you New York State Legislature).

And one of their dad’s watched the whole ceremony and marriage license signing via iPhone.

I wept. I cheered. I felt like I was given such an honor and a blessing, to be able to help facilitate an event like this, and to be allowed to witness Aaron and Cory’s union. Next week we’ll have a full re-cap of what happened, and Aaron and Cory will be back as wedding graduates, but for now I have to go, because we have another wedding in the next thirty minutes.


1:58 pm, New York City

After massive rain delays, Cory & Aaron are waiting to walk down the aisle, and a cello is playing….


12:45 pm, New York City

This update is going to be quick, because as I type this, Cory & Aaron are being interviewed by the documentary filmmaker about getting engaged, and their emotions surrounding today, and being able to get legally married. The wedding ceremony is starting in only a few minutes. So I’m going to let Emily‘s pictures do most of the talking:

Here is Elizabeth with the flowers. If Elizabeth and I can make a wedding full of flowers with $23 of bodega blooms and thirty minutes, anyone can do it.

Here is Kari of The Handmade Event with piles of gift bag magic for the couple. She’s been slaving away making them gifts to make them feel special and cared for by the whole community.

Genevive from Cheerleader For Love is getting ready for the ceremony, which is suddenly indoors, thanks to the pouring rain. Someone on Twitter just told us that a wet knot is stronger than a dry one, so that’s what we’re telling the couples. Jenny’s background is religious studies, she’s a long time APW reader, and she’s all about young, feminist, egalitarian weddings. How perfect. Plus, when we found out people were running late, she said, “They’re going to get married. That’s what matters.” And she’s right.

But what’s really important to me is hearing Cory & Aaron talk about how important it is to be legally married, and how important it is to make this change happen, in everyone’s hearts and minds, all over the country.

And now I have to go get dressed. I have a wedding to attend.


11:25 am, New York City

We’re about an hour and a half out from wedding guests arriving (eek!) and the space is a quiet buzz of activity. Leah and Mark (without Leah but +Raven) are quietly setting up the photobooth and cracking jokes. +Raven says she’s the brains of the operation today. Mark didn’t argue.

And are you even surprised that the photobooth is sparkly? Yeah, of course you’re not.

Yay New York

We just got our first look at the hand screen printed posters designed by And Kathleen, and you guys…. you guys. Whoa. Here is a sneak peek:

Yay New York

Representatives of the whole APW community are here, with Lauren of Suburbalicious Living helping. Lauren and I got married the same day, and we’ve been friends since the very beginning of APW, so it makes me get teary thinking that she took time off work and came in from Boston, just to be here.

Yay New York

And then there are the limited edition tote bags (sparkly! with the event information!) which are rocking my world. The posters and totes were printed by Yes Press in Oakland, who were super kind and basically took a loss on printing them for us. We love them. Make them print you stuff.

Yay New York

I’m so happy to be here, working my ass off with an amazing team of generous people, making two couples very happy. Gloomy New York summer rain be damned.

Yay New York


11:00 am, New York City

Pictures soon, but I’m prepping flowers in 320 Studio’s kitchen, and the whiteboard with dates lists APW, MTV, the Governor of Japan, and Victoria Beckham. Rad.

9:00 am, New York City

If I were really live blogging this moment, I’d be telling you that Emily and I had just woken up (we were up working till 1am) and were getting dressed, but that’s not super compelling. So why don’t I tell you about the wedding flowers.

I’m not going to show you the flowers in full, because somewhere Leanne & Anne and Cory & Aaron are waking up and checking APW, and I’m not giving away all the secrets of the day. But I will tell you that we made the lovely things with $23 worth of bodega flowers (yes, tutorial coming soon). And bodega flowers do not play. They live for 10,000 years, so these flowers will be hanging around at Christmas time. (Dear Leanne, we’re giving you a bouquet that you can use at your big wedding next month.)

And now, it’s time for us to get dressed and walk to the event space…. more soon.


7:30am New York City

As this post goes live, the whole team is (I hope) snug in our beds, getting a few more minutes of sleep. Yesterday was a long crazy day of work, and today is going to be even longer (but more awesome).

After a long adventure involving freight elevator men, a visit to Preston Bailey’s reception area to see what it was like (we were in the building, so why not? It ended up being a locked door), and help from the staff at a prop house… After all that we picked up Confetti System Piñatas. And they are gorgeous! (And clearly huger than I am).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (or 320 Studios) Maddie of Hart + Sol was icing cakes. Why was a photographer icing cakes, you ask? Well, because she couldn’t be at the event, so she spent the last week sobbing with stress over two wedding cakes, because she wanted to do *something* for the couples. She is the mother effing boss. Also, fun fact, she wears her hair in a spike just because she can.

And then there is Elizabeth of Lowe House Creative. Elizabeth had the idea that grew into this event. Elizabeth has spent thirty hours a week for the last seven weeks, on top of her regular job, putting together these weddings and this fundraiser. What was Elizabeth doing? She was ironing table cloths. Because that’s how she rolls.

And then there is Emily of Emily Takes Photos, who has only been to New York once before, who split her time between marveling at the city (she told me not to curse in front of children on the street, adorable thing that she is), and taking these photos. I don’t have a picture of her, because she’s behind the lens.

And that’s just a fraction of the team and the work going on here… I’ll be updating you throughout the day with what’s happening, and who’s making it happen, so stay tuned.

Pictures: Emily Takes Photos

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  • Yay New York! I’m pumped for the day of live-blogging today. That space is awesome, happy working!

  • Ah, it’s Maddie! And Meg! I am SOOO excited to follow along with this! I’m part of the team…sort of…? I’m going to my sister’s to take her to the train so she can GET to YAYNY! I’ll be proudly wearing my tote bag all day! Congrats to Leanne and Anne, and Cory and Aaron!

    Meg, and the team: this is AMAZING. You all rawk.

  • Yay! Wish I could be there :-) I’m so excited to watch the updates throughout the day!!! It looks so beautiful already.

  • OHMYGOSH I’m so excited! We are packing things up here in Philly and catching the bus to NY soon. It’s so amazing that you all have put in so much effort for this day, and we can’t wait to be a part of it!! Looking forward to the wedding today!!!!!!!!!!

    • Leanne…you look gorgeous! So glowing in those pictures!! Congratulations! I am ecstatic for you!!!

  • weeee!! I can’t believe I’ll be there in a few (actually several) hours. SO.ExciteD. also yay Maddie! you ARE the mother effing boss.

  • Nicole

    Well, there goes MY work day….


  • Marchelle

    I’m there in spirit, I am.

    • Marchelle

      You guys have Lauren and a sparkly photobooth. It’s killing me that I’m not there.

      • MWK

        OMG Lauren! Sparkly Photobooth! Just packed my brand spanking new tote-bag for a vacation…but I wish it had been at (earlier)vacation to New York. Good job,all.

        • I’m blushing over here.

  • Woo liveblogging! You are all boss. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

  • You guys! I have chills! And it’s like 100 degrees outside!

    • mere…

      As soon as I started reading this, I got chills too. And a little misty eyed. So excited to see the love and support and awesomeness that happens today! Thanks for the live blogging today for those of us who are only there in spirit.

  • So basically I’m going to sit with this window open and refresh every 5 minutes? YESSSS!! :) I can’t wait to see everything go down!!

  • Jo

    So jealous of everyone there! Thanks for including us, Meg.


  • Jen M

    BAH! This is so freakin EXCITING!

  • I promise to stop stalking the liveblog as soon as we get on that Barf/Bolt Bus, but I just wanted to say that it’s total fate that Anne’s shirt matches those pink flowers and ribbons just perfectly! Amazing! Alright, I gotta go get married now. Will check back later!

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  • Rachel

    Oh, I wish I could be there. I’d be helping on those delicious-looking cakes.

    This is so exciting!!!!!! I can’t wait to check back throughout the day!

  • ahhh this is so exciting! woot! the space looks beautiful. I so wish that I was there.

  • I’m on the train, reading over ceremonies and reloading this page like a mad woman. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to get there!!

  • Thanks so much for letting us be a part of what looks like it’s going to be an AWESOME day.

    Every single photo makes me get a little teary- YAY NY and YAY every single one you beautiful people making such an awesome day/event/party/meaningful celebration possible!

    Can’t wait to see more, more, more!


  • So bummed I can’t be there!! But glad +Raven is able to represent. Go APW! And congrats to the lucky couples!

    • meg

      I know you’re usually the brains of the operation ;)

  • Nothing better than a sparkly photo booth and totes that sparkle too. The place is looking great!

  • bec

    So proud of you guys!! And so excited for the happy couples too. The pictures are great, feels almost like we are there!!!

  • Rizubunny

    I wish I could be there…it looks amazing! I can’t wait for the rest of the day! Thank you for everything you’re doing to make this happen, and for liveblogging it too :)

  • hooray everyone! I’ll be dancing around in my living room this evening – pretending I’m there with you all. Need to find something sparkly…Can’t wait to see all the pics!

    • Ooohhh I like that. I’m thinking I need a bottle of champagne and my sequenced dress. THAT sounds like an awesome idea.

      • Ooh, good idea! All of my sparkly stuff is still packed (we’re in the process of moving to San Francisco), but I do have a little bottle of (30th!) birthday champagne left over from yesterday! And thrifted champagne flutes with stars on them. Yes!

        • ka

          Happy Birthday!

          And will raise a glass to all y’all celebrating from home tonite!

          This live blogging is making me sooooo excited.

          Happy Wedding Cory & Aaron and Leanne & Anne!

  • Karen

    Yay for Yay New York!

    I can’t be there, but I would love to buy a poster to support not only LAMBDA but the press that made them. Are they for sale???

    • meg

      They are for sale at the event. If any are left over, they’ll be online. The proceeds of that are supporting the event, our LAMBDA fundraising drive goes straight to LAMDA so give.

    • And the poster are super pretty in person (so are the limited edition tote bags – I didn’t even carry mine in the rain today because I didn’t want to mess it up!) Your walls will be happy (and they fit perfectly in an Ikea frame)

  • ah I hate that I can’t be there tonight and am sending all good YAY New York thoughts your way from 20th and 6th. So close but so far…

  • This is so exciting. Thanks for liveblogging this for all of us.

  • bec

    “wet knot is stronger than a dry one” Love that!!

    • yeah, that’s really good! (I will have to use that one from now on).

  • Joanna

    Happy Wedding Day, to the APW couples!!!!!! I think you will be having a lovely lovely loving day!

  • Mmmmmmmm, cello.

  • I”m so excited I can’t wait to hear about the weddings! Congrats to Cory & Aaron and Leanne & Anne.
    And the party, I’m excited to hear about the party too :)

  • Way to go Team Practical!

  • JEM

    yay!!!!! I got butterflies in my stomach with the cello update just picturing Cory and Aaron waiting in anticipation!

  • Love the play by play, it’s great for those of us who can’t be there. Yay New York and APW!

    Ang is a freakin’ contortionist, whoa.

  • I can feel the excitement from here! So many happy yelps to both couples and all of Team APW today!

  • Congratulations to Aaron and Cory! And congrats to APW and New York for helping it happen!

  • This is completely fabulous.

    Warms the cockles, warms the cockles I tell you.

  • This is so beautiful! I’m, as predicted, crying in my cubicle. Congratulations Cory and Aaron. I am so happy for you!

  • This is not as awesome as being there, but it’s still giving me chill bumps!


  • maura

    yay nyc! aya apw! yay meg!

    and kari and maddie! hi!
    and lauren, who i just met in boston! yay!

  • Amanda

    oh I just cried for Cory and Aaron. Happy wedding day, congratulations and cheers! And that picture of their dad watching the wedding…bigger tears. Love is a splendid thing!

  • Oh I wish I was there!!! But when CA gets gay marriage legalized – again – I will be there with bells on every limb!!!

  • An incredibly touching day AND you got a sweet tote bag! Incredible! Congrats Aaron and Cory!

  • Jen

    thank you so much for liveblogging this!

    That photo of the iphone made me weep.

    So happy for them!!!!!
    Yay NY!

  • Class of 1980

    You finally got me. Usually, when everyone else is crying into their coffee at work because of a touching post, I’m not. I’m always touched, but not crying.

    Until now.

    Dad watching by iPhone. Instant tears. Who would have thought that would be the magic moment for me?


    • That’s the part that got me.

  • Congratulations to the happy couple. And Meg, I love that you are wearing your famous silver shoes ;)

  • april

    YAY YAY YAY! I’m cheering and tearing up at the same time.

    Have been following the posts from my office computer in San Diego ~ excited and I have to admit: wildly green with envy of the APW team and everyone who gets to be in NYC for this awesome event.


  • bec

    That last post got me. Now I’m weepy and happy and laughing and crying and ready for a party to celebrate with you guys! “Today was all moments” … yep, for all of us reading the blogs too. Yay Team Practical!! So effin proud of you guys!!

  • I’m not sure if you picked the cutest couples in the world, or if an APW wedding turned them in to the cutest couples in the world…

  • Congrats Leanne and Anne! Beautiful brides and beautiful cake.

  • Meg, thank you so much for sharing all the joy with us! I hope everyone has a great time tonight!!! (I know you will!)

  • Vmed

    Aaawww. That’s all I got. Just a gooey aw.

    Best wishes to the newlyweds!

  • This post is making me cry and I’m so mad I didn’t just get on the damn train and go to New York tonight to see this amazing story unfold in a rocking party. And now thanks to Hurricane Irene, I totally could have! Instead, I will finish off a bottle of wine and finish making peach cobbler and dedicate it to the awesome couples that got married this afternoon.

  • Class of 1980

    From Goodrich vs. Department of Public Health: “The right to marry is not a privilege conferred by the State, but a fundamental right that is protected against unwarranted State interference.”

    Also … yes, those are some snazzy pinatas! ;)


    Wishing you a lifetime of sparkling silver pinatas and pink layer cake.

  • Marchelle

    It’s 3am here which is peak emotional mess time for me, but I’ve just caught up on both the ceremonies and I’m sat here SOBBING. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve encountered in the world of weddings, ever. Team APW is amazing, and there are no words wonderful enough for you, Meg.

    Congratulations to Cory & Aaron, and Leanne & Anne. May your every day together be more joyful than the last.

  • Heather

    I heaven’t read any comments, because we JUST got home from Yay New York and my boyfriend insisted that I “blog about it” (he’s newer to this site than I am). What an AMAZING time! Meg and Elizabeth- you ROCK! I fully expected to feel shy and awkward that we didn’t know anyone going in, and within two minutes had met a crowd of strangers that I’m sure will become new friends. Yay New York, indeed. Yay people, yay love, yay friends. Yay Cory & Aaron! Yay Leanne & Anne.! Yay APW! Yay future APW book club (THERE’S A BOOK CLUB!) And – yay Meg. Yay!! YAY!


    • Ruth

      It WAS such an amazing time! And of course he said you should blog about it. Our guys fit in very well with the APW community…I think it’s because they’re so sassy!

      • Jessica

        Those are some sassy men indeed! We had a blast last night. I cannot wait to see some of those photobooth pics. What a great evening! I second the yays: to equality, love, and new friends!!!

  • Tamara Van Horn

    Congratulations to both couples. Yay! NY. I am so proud to be a part of this community.

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  • I may or may not (may, definitely) have started crying just reading this.

  • carrie

    YAY! I loved following this all day yesterday. Just had to throw in my support via comments, even though it’s after the fact. I love that so many posts on APW make me smile everyday. There is so much negativity around us in almost everything, it’s so nice to smile at LOVE everyday. If Yay!NY doesn’t signify love, I don’t know what does.

  • This is a gorgeous post. I was fine and vibrating with excitement until the picture of Anne’s Mom ringing the bells. The joy and PRIDE on her face as she saw her daughter marrying the woman she loved LEGALLY… it killed me. That picture is what it’s all about. We should ALL be ringing bells. :)

  • LOVE THAT CAKE! what a lovely day :)

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  • Claire

    Thanks for sharing your front-row view of this amazing day! While I wish I could have celebrated with y’all in person, your liveblogging is such a wonderful consolation prize. Way to make us all feel included and part of this monumental moment.

    Many happy wishes to Cory and Aaron and Leanne and Anne!