Liveblogging Yay New York!

All Photos by Emily Takes Photos

6:00 PM, New York City

This is the last update for the day, since I plan to actually *party* tonight. So you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to get a teaser on the party, and next week for a full run down. But now, the final wedding of the day.

Somehow, within thirty minutes of the boys leaving, we were having another wedding. How that small miracle happened, I have no idea. But Leanne and Anne walked down the aisle, and Genevieve lead a totally different ceremony.

Yay New York

Yay New York

Yay New York

Yay New York

Yay New York

Yay New York

This ceremony was focused on the civil and legal nature of what was happening, because Leanne and Anne are having their big wedding in exactly a month.

When Genevieve read from Goodrich vs Department of Public Health, the entire back row of staff lost it. Later, Anne’s Grandmother, Super Mom-Mom, said, “All the ladies were crying!” And boy were we.

And can we talk about that Confetti System Piñata that they married under? We’re breaking it later tonight, but it’s so lovely as is.

They signed the legal marriage license as part of the ceremony…

And Anne’s Mom rang bells in celebration.

This time, String Theory Trio played for them, and after another “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”so recessional, that song may make everyone on staff today cry for the rest of time. I kept saying that somewhere, Judy Garland was looking down smiling.

Then it finally stopped raining, and the couple dashed out to the terrace.

calin + bisous photo, their official wedding photographer, ran around being adorable and everyone’s new favorite person.

And finally, we revealed the surprise inside Maddie’s cake. The girls gasped. What else can you ask for?

It might be impossible for a single human to go through this more than twice in a day. The sun just broke through the clouds, the documentary film maker came to the backstage area and played Elizabeth and me a film clip of Leanne and Anne thanking us for doing this for “two perfect strangers” as the string trio played “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and I went into the kitchen and snapped. I just started sobbing and sobbing.

It’s been a great day. A long day. If a lifetime is made of moments, today was all moments. And somehow or other, we still have a  long night of dancing and celebrating ahead of us…

We’ll tell you how that went tomorrow.

3:15 PM, New York City

After massive rain delays….

Cory and Aaron are, by the authority of the State of New York, legally married.

And then there is Emily of Emily Takes Photos, who has only been to New York once before, who split her time between marveling at the city (she told me not to curse in front of children on the street, adorable thing that she is), and taking these photos. I don’t have a picture of her, because she’s behind the lens.

And that’s just a fraction of the team and the work going on here… I’ll be updating you throughout the day with what’s happening, and who’s making it happen, so stay tuned.

Pictures: Emily Takes Photos

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