Megan & Joe’s Woodsy New Jersey Wedding

* Megan, Advertising Coordinator & Joe, Chef Of The Future * Photographer: Kateryn Silva * Soundtrack for reading: “This Time Tomorrow” by The Kinks

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A relaxed and easy gathering in the woods.

The Info—Photographer: Kateryn Silva / Location: Morris, New Jersey / Venue: The Lodge at Schooley’s Mountain / Officiant: Unity of Sussex County / Catering: Redwoods Grill and BarMegan’s Dress: David’s Bridal / Megan’s Sweater: Van Heusen / Megan’s Fascinator: -Made at home with supplies from Feather Store / Megan’s Shoes: From DSW, already owned / Joe’s Suit: JC Penny / Joe’s Shoes: DSW

Other cool stuff we should know about: Reading everyone’s experiences really settled my fears about the things I thought people would miss. What, no dancing? What, no speeches? But no one did, it was all just as relaxed and easy as we had hoped for. People started eating the cakes before we did any official cutting. One of the Wedding Fairies came by to tell us we should get over there if we wanted pictures with cake. Our families don’t need to be told when to start on the desserts! The day was a little chilly, so I was glad to have picked a venue with a fireplace and it was a great backdrop for the ceremony. We had just the one location for both the ceremony and the reception, so we were able to maximize our time with everyone. And even then, I felt as if we couldn’t spend enough individual time with everyone. I was also glad for all the advice to stay present during the ceremony. It went so quickly, I’m still trying to hold on to that magic, feeling like I would burst with joy and excitement.

Favorite thing about the wedding: The Hug Line. Every time we stood still someone would come over to hug us and then a line would form! Everyone wanted to be a part of the spontaneous love. I didn’t want it to end.

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  • Corrie

    Such excitement! Joy! A hug line! “Yay!” <3

  • aly

    This is a beautiful wedding!! One venue I am considering would be the same room for reception and ceremony, which it looks like what was done here! I was worried how a ceremony would turn out with people at tables, but it looks great and it works! I love the abundant smiles in these photos :) Congratulations!

  • Jess

    This wedding took place in my hometown!! I love love love that lodge, was really considering it for our own wedding. Also, Redwoods catered for us too – yummm.

    Congratulations and best wishes!

  • Kestrel

    Oh yay! We’re planning on having a very, very similar wedding (rustic-ish space – even with the same porch idea, more of a family reunion vibe than a wedding, no dancing, approximately the same amount of people, etc.). I’m so happy that you enjoyed it and that your guests did!

  • Megan

    I guess that dress is simply made for Megans — I chose the same style! :) I was desperate for something tea-length and vintage inspired, and I just fell in love with that gown. Congratulations — it looks like a gorgeous day! I love the dessert table and the “YAY!” pennant, but the smiles are the best. :)

    • Great choice, both of you! That dress is adorable!

    • MEGAN2

      I put it on in the store & practically jumped up & down, fluffing it like I was 5! Ooo sparkles!

      (Did your’s come with the book? I got a cool Oleg Cassini book to go with it. Grace Kelly & Jackie O all over it) I felt so “fancy”

  • Hug line! I love it. Congratulations.

    • I want a hug line!

      • CJ

        Hehe, I’m almost breaking out in cold sweats thinking in terror about enduring a hug line, and at the very same time, I’m completely goofy-smiling thinking about how great a hug line must’ve been for huggophiles. :D

        Hmm… any chance you think I could manage to swing a Japanese-style-bowing line? Well, it was worth a shot. ;)

  • YetAnotherMegan

    Ok that’s it. The receiving line is being switched to a hug line.

  • fermi

    I want to eat all of those cakes!

  • Oooh, that photo of you guys hugging from above! Also, cardigan love.

  • Leslie

    Lovely! I really needed to see a ceremony where people were seated at tables. We are doing something similar and I was having a hard time visualizing it as something acceptable and doable. And I love your sweater! I have been wondering if I could just wear a simple sweater instead of a shrug of something more wedding-y and now you broke that barrier for me. Thanks! I think our day really seems better in my head after seeing your wedding.

  • Oh my gosh. A hug line. I love it. Congratulations!!

  • Michelle

    holla to my hometown! love, love, LOVE Schooley’s Mountain Park! :oD And I used to work at Redwoods! :o)

  • A hug line- how sweet! & I this Jersey girl loves seeing Jersey weddings :-)

  • MEGAN2

    OOOO!!! It’s Us! I’m so excited to be featured. Thank you for the kind words everyone, & I’m so glad the Hug Line is catching on.

    I’m scrolling down the page here & I get to the first picture … it took me a minute to notice what was going on. “Hey, I know him…”

    (In that last picture, I have beer, he actually has Root Beer.) ((Yay, tattoos))