Georgina & Salvatore

* Georgina, Arts Administrator & Salvatore, Electrician * Photographer: Yvonne Bloome of YB Photographic * Soundtrack for reading: “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)” by Stevie Wonder *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A whirlwind day, fuelled by friendship, laughter and champagne.

The Info—Photography: Yvonne Bloome of YB Photographic / Ceremony VenueOld Marylebone Town Hall, London, UK / Reception Venue: Vinoteca, London, UK / Georgina’s Dress:  Purchased online from Coast and customised by ‘Mary’, a free-spirited local dressmaker / Georgina’s Bouquet: Songs From The Garden, embellished by Georgina / Salvatore’s Suit: Custome made in Hoi An, Vietnam / Salvatore’s Boutonniere: Rackets purchased from Etsy

Other cool stuff we should know about: Our wedding was non-traditional from start to finish. However, given the proposal (by me) wasn’t really a proposal at all (more of an afterthought) it came as no surprise to our family or friends that the wedding didn’t conform to WIC conventions.

So, what did non-traditional mean to us?

  • No family
  • No white dress
  • A bridal party that was more interested in joking around than stuffy formalities. In fact, we were all dressed, ready, and waiting when the photographer rocked up to capture our preparations.
  • A stand-up reception in a cosy, boutique wine bar (with no music or dancing)
  • No made-up traditions (e.g. party favours)
  • A wedding banquet just for two at Michelin-star restaurant, Pied a Terre.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Having planned the wedding in tandem, the day was a genuine reflection of who we are as a couple. I can’t think of a better way to commence our married life.

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  • SJG

    So, SO stellar! If I could do it all over again, I would get together my closest people and my husband’s closest people and just do. the. thing.

  • Karen

    I love the dress! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your wedding with us.

  • Shantelle

    I absolutely love this! Such a gorgeous wedding :)

  • Perfect timing once again, APW. I’m getting married on Saturday, and while our wedding isn’t as non-traditional as this (I made the damn favors so the arguments would just STOP), I love seeing other brides in non-white dresses in awesome venues!

  • Class of 1980

    I clicked on the first few photos and had to keep reading to see if I guessed right – that this couple is British. Hey, it’s fun to guess! ;)

    Love that red dress and wrap!

  • Lauren

    Your dress! Your hair! His boutonnière! The wine! Your friends!

    If I wasn’t having my wedding, I’d love to have yours ;).


    Beautiful photos, and it looks like there was such a sense of fun and and intimacy in this wedding. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is the best wedding ever! If I had eloped, it probably would’ve looked a lot like this.

    Oh, and girl, you’re rockin’ the HELL out of that dress.

  • Alejandra

    Stunning!!! Congratulations :)

  • Kara

    Lovely, congratulations!

    [And by the way, I noticed a bit of a height difference between the two of you. I wish I had seen more pictures before our wedding of such stunningly gorgeous couples with similar height differences; may have helped me deal with my own insecurity as a tall bride. You two are absolutely stunning together. I wish you as much happiness at 50 years as you show in these pictures.]

    • Georgina

      Hi Kara, I used to be very self-conscious of the height difference and I’d spend time googling celebrity couples with a height difference. I don’t know what the catalyst was but at some point in the first couple of years of our relationship I realised I couldn’t MAKE him grow taller and that the issue with height was MY issue not his. I realised that I loved Sam more than I loved high heels. I still wear heels to work or on nights out with my girlfriends but I wear flats when I am with Sam so we are roughly the same height. I must have been the most comfortable bride EVER! Thanks for your kind words and may you also enjoy many years of happiness, Georgina x

  • I have a soft spot for winter weddings & I ADORE this one! Congratulations~

  • What a beautiful wedding! And that dress! The assymetry of it is stunning. (And it’s clearly also on a stunning bride.)

    I’m loving the banquet for two, which is actually very similar to what my husband and I did. It was such a treat to actually enjoy the food on our wedding day instead of stressing about feeding everyone else.

  • Anne

    Your dress is amazing!

    Also, I love that you had your reception at Vinoteca — it’s such a great place!

  • RED DRESS RED DRESS RED DRESS. I so want to get married in a red dress.

  • This is weird – I used to work with Georgina, I think quite close to where they had the reception!

    Gorgeous photos – and the dress is so very you. x

    • Georgina

      Hey Siobhan, Yes it’s me and yes, we did work near here – I love this area of London so it made sense to get married there! Thanks x

  • Kara


  • So much joy! And that red dress is rockin’. Congratulations!!!

  • Emma

    My favourite thing about these photos is that you both look so happy and joyful! It looks like you had a wonderful day – and a fabulous dress! Congratulations! :)

  • Wow her dress is si amazing. This bride is so beautiful, she looks like a model. Fantastic wedding, fantastic details on this wedding. Thanks for sharing!

  • Athena


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