A Sun-Soaked L.A. Wedding in a Catholic Church

Put a record on and wear your dress backwards

Angelo, Musician & Lucila, Art Department for Film, TV, and Commercials

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Inclusive.

Soundtrack for reading: “You’ll Never Know” (1943 song) performed by Joseph Bellomo and Melanie Bellomo

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Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

This wedding was truly a collaborative effort. Friends and family pulled through on every front. They helped us make the decorations and woke up bright and early on the day of to prepare the venue. They brought the wine and beer, which they also expertly selected to complement the food from Kogi. They shopped for the flowers from downtown and made the arrangements. They sang and played songs during our ceremony and reception. They baked the cake and cookies.

We weren’t going to do a first dance, but then an old friend ended up having a long-lost stereo recordings of Angelo’s sister and grandfather playing piano and singing “You’ll Never Know.” Finally we knew why we had lugged that ancient tape machine from apartment to apartment all those years. The song is actually about being apart, which is appropriate since we were apart for most of our first six months together, and since Angelo’s grandfather died during that time without ever meeting Lucila. To have his voice and piano playing, and to come across the recording only because we were reaching out to old friends just fit with how everything at the wedding was: improbably appropriate. Everything and everyone was so naturally fitting and interlocking. It was as if our families and friends were a lot like that reel-to-reel tape, and the machine it had been recorded on.

Favorite Thing About The Wedding

Aside from having the people we love the most together in one place to celebrate with us, our favorite thing was stealing away after the ceremony to visit the Arroyo and soak in the joy of having just been married. We had so much fun in that short moment with each other and our photographer too.

The Info:

Photographer: Rad + In Love  | Location: Los Angeles, CA | Venue: Center for the Arts Eagle Rock | Dress: BHLDN, worn backwards | Shoes: J.Crew | Veil: BHLDN | Suit and Tie: Suit Supply | Shoes: Gordon Rush | Day of Wedding Coordinator: Allison Shane  |  Florals: Friends (Susie and Cynthia) | Catering: Kogi Truck | Cake: Melody Hirose (our friend and neighbor) | Hair and Makeup: Page Mahan | Libations: Bar and Garden | Rentals: Town and Country Event Rentals | Stationary, Design for Save the Dates, and Wedding Invites: By Lucila | Officiant: Monsignor Connolly

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  • Lauren from NH

    I see a groomswoman! <3

  • Sara

    The limbo-tie picture is fantastic!!

  • Megan

    Love ALL OF THIS!!!! Cakesplanation plz??

    • Alexandra Jackson

      I need these kitty cakes at my wedding! I have cat cake toppers, but these are WAAAYYY cooler

    • lucila

      our friend and neighbor made them!! they’re cake portraits of our two kitties!

      • Alexandra Jackson

        They are so great! Your friend is very talented! :)

        • lucila

          thanks! she’s so talented you’re right. i want her to open a shop.

          • bearsfan1984

            If she opens a shop, I will order a cat cake!! Like every year for every birthday. Seriously, please persuade her to open a shop. I went from not caring about a wedding cake to suddenly needing CAT WEDDING CAKE.

      • Mandi P

        Awesome! My fiancé really wants an icecream cake in likeness of our dog… I better not show his this photo, or then he’ll really want one! :) Wish I could have your friend make one for us!

  • lucila

    hi!!! this is lucila. our neighbor made the cakes. they’re portraits of our two cats who of course couldn’t actually attend the wedding :-D

  • genevathene

    Oh this is absolutely my favorite! Such a beautiful day! <3

  • Fiona


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  • Mabrewer

    The cat cakes!!!! They are perfect.

  • ellenvmelon

    That song by your Grandad and sister though…. :'( So great.

    • lucila

      still makes me tear up so much, thank you for the comment

  • NicoleT

    Congratulations!!! You both look absolutely amazing! And that venue is beautiful, so light and relaxing. :)

    Is there any chance you could tell me how the Kogi truck worked out for you??? We’re considering using them for our wedding, but my fiancé is concerned about the logistics, if the food is good for a main meal (as opposed to appetizers or something), etc.

    • lucila

      hi! thank you so much!

      we were very happy with the kogi truck! we got the kogi ‘blacktie’ service where they bring the plates to the guests at their table and that made it feel special. plus kogi is delicious! and for our out of town guests and family, it was an exciting L.A. thing. we had three rounds, the kogi sliders, tacos and the quesadilla, and we served our guests on enamelware plates so the food looked pretty too. by the end of the three rounds, we were very full. so it works well as a main meal!

      a few weeks before the wedding, i started to get nervous that kogi would be too casual – but luckily i had this site to always remind me that a wedding doesn’t have to “be” anything! ;-)

      • NicoleT

        Awesome! I’m super glad to hear that. :) I’m definitely encouraged to seriously check them out now!! Thanks!

  • Claire

    What church is this? I live in LA and am Catholic but I don’t recognize it. It’s beautiful!

    • lucila

      holy family church in south pasadena :-)

  • scw

    that’s one of the dresses I had my eye on before I was engaged. I never got to try it on, but I definitely wouldn’t have thought of wearing it backwards! I love it!

    ditto what others are saying about the recording and the cat cakes. and I love the sum-up of your wedding vibe!!

  • KitBee

    THAT TAPE STORY!!! Consider my heart warmed.

  • This is my favourite.

  • Kelly

    Scrolled through these photos in awe about how it all looks so fresh and joyful and vibrant and then OMG CAT CAKES. This is some next level awesomeness.

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  • platypus

    Wow, you look beautiful and that room is absolutely stunning stunning! I love it! If I can ask – how did you arrange it so friends/family bought the beer and wine? Did you just ask select people? My fiance and I are thinking about doing this (instead of asking for gifts) but I’m a little unsure how to spin it!

  • Good job my wedding photographer, nice photography. http://goo.gl/T4sRU8