Love For All: A Plea, A Sign.

I wanted to reach out a small hand to give a hug or a hand to hold to any of you who need it after the heartbreaking vote on gay marriage in Maine yesterday. It is a harsh reminder that the battle for marraige equality is still uphill, but for me today it was also a reminder of why we will keep fighting, no matter how long it takes to reach justice.

For now, I’ll leave you with a small poem that has been running through my head all day. It’s a snippet of a hymn that Amanda posted last Christmas, and has lived on a post-it on my desk ever since. And today, it seems like the best thing thing I can offer:

Love shall be our token;
love be yours and love be mine.
Love to God and to all men,
love for plea and gift and sign.

(And Washington, Thank You.)

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  • *hug*

    Thank you for this.

    Today has been bittersweet – I am proud to live in Seattle, where Ref-71 (Everything but Marriage) is looking very much like it will pass, and that gets my LGBT friends a little closer to being equal…but that Maine didn't pass this is just sad.

    We *ALL* deserve to be happy in this life, and we all deserve the choice and freedom to marry whomever we choose to spend our lives with.

  • I'm in Seattle too and *so* have my fingers crossed for R71. Great post today! :)

  • Looks like you have a collection of people from Washington (thought I am from the east side of the state)…

    As I was coming to post that, though there was sad news in Maine, our "Everything but Marriage" law is looking closer and closer to passing. We won't know till late November for sure though.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Seattle here too! FYI, if Ref. 71 does pass it will be the first time a pro-gay ballot measure has passed in any state in the country (and it's looking really good)… BIG news. So, to every cloud there is a silver lining. The lesson that I'll take away from this is, we all have to WORK at equality. I feel very proud to have been a dedicated volunteer for this measure. My heart goes out to all the volunteers who poured their hearts into the Maine campaign and are not seeing the fruits of their labor that we're seeing here in WA, but I hope they know that their hard work means something to all of us, they made the race a close one and they kept the conversation about equality alive. Thank you to all the folks who are working tirelessly for equality all across the country! You give me hope.

  • I'm just in Maine working for three months, but I made sure I had mail sent to me so that I could register. I went to vote and support gay marriage. Heartening is that some areas, like Portland, voted overwhelmingly to support gay marriage.

    I grew up in Seattle, so I'm proud of my friends back home . . . but I have to admit that I cried learning about what happened where I currently live. I work in an open and inclusive workplace, and several of my coworkers cried too. It was a hard day for us.

    Thanks for bringing this up on your website!

  • In Canada we don't have votes for very many things–our system is more based on the idea that we vote for our leaders to make the decisions for us. This is one of those cases where I'm glad we didn't have a referendum. Our Liberal government just did what they thought was right and legalized gay marriage. I was really afraid that the current Conservative government would repeal it but so far they haven't–I'm crossing my fingers that its here to stay.

    Bon courage tout le monde!

  • Yay for Washington. My state made me proud this week! (although things were a little too close on that front, in my opinion)

  • What a beautiful quote.

  • MWK

    I'm glad you posted this. One of my strongest memories of last year's election is waking up the next day, going to my computer in the hopes that the results of Prop 8 had changed overnight, and then getting back into bed to sob uncontrollably for a few minutes. I just never stop being sadly surprised. But you are right; we can't stop trying.

  • thank you for this post. I was hoping you would bring this up because I almost said something about it as a comment on another post but then didn't feel right bringing down the mood on a happy wedding post. I have been weepy over this the last couple days. Maine is my home state, and even though I don't live there anymore it still feels like home to me and my heart is just broken.

    I have a hard time being super excited about the Washington R71. It still implies that heterosexuals own the word "marriage" and it's not right that my fiance will be my "husband" but my gay friends will have to call each other partners (which for some is the preferred term anyway but it's the principle). you can't say "we're getting married!" what do you say, union'd? partnershipped? too close to "separate but equal."

    Of course I'm excited that same-sex couples there will have most of the rights they deserve, and it's a step in the right direction.. just doesn't feel good enough.

  • This is shameful, and makes me so glad I live in British Columbia..

  • This was a heartbreaking setback, but we will win in the end! We have to.