Can You Actually Make Money From Your Wedding?

I keep hearing of people making a profit

Q:We are newly engaged (yay!), and have been having discussions about our budget. We figure two years to save will be enough to get what we want for the budget we have (thanks #APWPlanner). We have tried talking budget to a few of our married family members to get a feel of things. My fiancé is a numbers guy, and we have gotten some real numbers and some vague, “We paid a lot.” Two of the weddings in particular had a large guest list, spent way more than we want, and made out of the wedding with a profit?!? One couple even got enough to put money down on a house!

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I have been going on the assumption that we are the only ones putting money in for this wedding. Though, it seems like my parents may help. They were very excited by our thinking that we would rather spend more on a down payment for a house than a wedding. They also liked that my engagement/wedding band was not a diamond and therefore fairly inexpensive. My future-mother-in-law, on the other hand, is very frugal. Suddenly, my partner is anxious that a good portion of his side of the family will not give anything to the wedding based on some things his mom and family have said. I told him not to worry and that money isn’t everything, but it made me curious on how many weddings end in either a negative, gain, or a wash.

All I want is for an enjoyable wedding and for everyone to have fun, but a wash would be one of best wedding gifts ever! How practical is that? How possible is that? Am I being too crazy about money?


Wishing for a Wash

Okay married folks: did you end up with more money from family contributions and gifts than you spent on the wedding? Not married folks: do you think you’ll end up with a wash? Is this how you are thinking about your wedding budget? Spill!

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