A US And UK Blended Wedding

With a mix of traditions and non-traditions

Isobel, Translator & Nick, Translator

Photographer: Lillian and Leonard

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: An elegant yet laid-back mix of US and UK traditions—with a few of our own to boot!

Soundtrack for reading: “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Eels


We were an English bride and American groom who live in Germany and planned a wedding in England. Our mix of traditions (and non-traditions) worked particularly well since our guests were from many different countries and so nobody really knew what to expect.

Favorite Thing about the wedding

Neither of us had given much thought to the ceremony itself, other than that it was something we’d have to get through without crying—but it turned out to be our favorite part of the day. We couldn’t stop grinning and the only ones crying were the guests. And the carrot cake after dinner was awesome!


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  • Therese

    Fellow translator in Germany just saying hi :)
    The reception! It’s gorgeous! What an amazing, elegant space. Congratulations on your marriage!

  • Stephanie B.

    That photo of the two of you in front of the wall of stained-glass windows is breathtaking!

    • Liz (since 1982)

      For real. I got to that and literally said out loud “Oh my gahhhhhhhhhd” so loud and suddenly that I startled the cats.

  • Simple elegance. Stunning!

  • Emma Klues


  • Karolina

    Congrats, my fellow translators! As translators, I’m sure you had a blast adapting and merging the traditions:) Beautiful photos!

  • Kat91314

    Virtual fist-bump on the carrot cake! We’re having carrot cake cupcakes (as well as chocolate and vanilla) at our wedding this fall. Beautiful pics….congrats to your new baby family :-)

  • EF

    I love this! I lived in Manchester for a little while and thought the town hall was so pretty, and of course enjoyed the christmas market there. As I’m getting married in a similar fashion — in a public building, as an american, to a brit, but in the south of england, this is really great to see. Would like to have heard which traditions were blended, though, as that’s the sort of thing that’s sort of holding up planning for us right now.
    Also digging the monsoon dress. I was in there last week looking at their dresses and am just so happy at how affordable, ethical, and pretty they are! Congrats you two!

    • Isobel

      Hi! Isobel (the bride) here! A few examples of the traditions we incorporated (and didn’t): we had a “rehearsal” dinner the night before the wedding as an opportunity for our families to meet for the first time before the actual wedding; we had a small wedding party – just the best man and one bridesmaid/maid of honour; we had speeches/toasts once the guests were seated but before dinner was served (given by my father, the best man, Nick and myself); we cut the cake US style (UK style is generally just a symbolic cut, no eating/feeding each other with it!). We didn’t have a first dance (or any mother/son, father/daughter dnace either), also no garter or bouquet toss (my aunt actually took my bouquet home to my 97-year old grandmother who was unable to attend) and also no bachelor or bachelorette (hen and stag) parties.
      Good luck with your planning!

      • EF

        thanks so much for this! really helpful to hear that a blended wedding worked, and that it’s okay to go with some traditions from each side. I’ve been told rehearsal dinners aren’t much of a thing in the UK, but much like yours, it will give the families the first chance to meet each other before the wedding. glad to hear it worked for you, and once again, congrats on your beautiful wedding!

  • Alyssa M

    Wow. Just beautiful. I keep finding myself going back to stare at some of these magnificent pictures.

  • LucyPirates

    I live in Manchester and love following Lillian and Leonard on their blog – the most beyootiful use of light.
    So excited to see such a classy wedding shot in this city despite the sometimes (mostly) grim weather!

  • I know this is a tiny point in a very beautiful wedding, but Isobel’s hair is such a gorgeous color!!

    • Isobel

      Thanks! :)