What I Am Learning

A haiku series

by Emma Klues

“what i have learned”, eh?
great topic, hard to answer
so many options

my newest mantra
seems to apply everywhere
life, marriage, friendships

“seeking happiness
is not as powerful as
cultivating joy”

it never gets old
it never seems tired or trite
it always rings true

but what do i write?
asked the audience for help
thank you erin, kim

excellent feedback
how investing in oneself
beats external gain

and after all that,
it doesn’t need explaining?!
maybe just sharing

presentation is
in fact, not everything
but this phrase deserves…

perfect packaging
perfect is the enemy
of the good. enough.

to each their own, right?
use it how you see fit, please.
just don’t try too hard

so, what have i learned?
i think i’ll change the title
what i am learning.

Photo: Gabriel Harber

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  • js

    What I am learning is that after 30 years of not dealing with my anxiety, I am now forced to learn in a joint crash-course with my tween daughter so that what haunts me won’t ruin her future. I am always learning… This poem sticks with you.

  • Karen

    I love the way this is put together! This is amazing.

  • Bri

    “Seeking happiness is not as powerful as cultivating joy.”

    Wow. What a perfect saying to carry with you through marriage, and through daily life.

  • lolauren

    Agreed with Bri. I immediately bookmarked this for the future. For cross-stitching awesome quotes or something

  • Inspired by the comments on this post from Manya:


    I put it out there to APW during a happy hour in a comment:


    And Erin & Kim sent me lovely ideas, and then I wrote this on a whim when September’s theme was announced. I love haikus, thank you for reading!