How Often Are You Really Having Sex?

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I think it’s generally agreed upon that sex in a long-term relationship is a roller coaster unique unto itself—there are high highs, low lows, and in-between valleys of, “I think we’re having enough sex, but who the hell knows what ‘enough’ even really means?” Because whether or not sex matters to you in a relationship… you probably have feels on the topic, and if you start googling, “How often do married people have sex?” you end up with answers that are all over the place.

Those scatted, discordant answers are why we decided to put our Hermione hats on and dig into some data—specifically, APW reader data. We have put together an easy six-question, mostly multiple choice sex survey that we would love for you guys to fill out. It’s totally anonymous (we’re not even collecting names or email addresses), so no one on staff (or at all!) will know your secrets and/or truths. PLUS the result will be many charts, graphs, and info on how often married and engaged couples (specifically y’all) are having sex, whether they’ve been together for one year or thirty.

You can fill out our survey right here—and feel free to get chatty in the comments! It’s for science, obvs.

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