It was one of the great joys of my life, and one of the best parties I’ve ever been to, but I’m not sure it was the best day of my life. The best day of my life probably involved a few more naps.

When we were about to leave our best man asked me if it was everything I’d hoped for. Without hesitating I said yes. Yes, yes, yes.

And anyone who tells you that you won’t remember your wedding is a fool.

PS Before you ask, I made my own hair thing, in the end. Well, WE did.
PPS Please note the guy dancing in the sweat soaked shirt behind us. That really says it all, no?

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  • AJ

    I am so over-the-moon happy for you guys!

  • Congratulations to both of you!

  • YES. yesyesyes.

  • loving this instant gratification.


  • Congratulations dearest Meg. May your lives together from here be the best and realest lives they can be.

  • Hooray! Congratulation!

  • mazel tov!!!! BIG hugs and lots of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!

  • Congrats! I hope each new day together is the new best day of your life :)

  • Congrats! Can't wait to hear all the details…

  • Huzzah!

    Totally with you on the nap situation!

  • Yay! Congratulations, so happy for you both.
    Glad you mentioned naps – at my sister's wedding this weekend I was working out how I can get a nap at ours. And so glad to hear you can remember it all.

  • *happy dance* sooo happy for you. congrats once again.

  • YAY!

  • Congratulations! That picture is awesome :) And besides, isn't it kinda a downer to think that your wedding day will be the happiest day of your life? I mean, you're gonna live a whole lot longer than that, there better be some more happiest days ever! :) So so happy for you!

  • woohoo! oh, yeah, you'll remember it.

  • kirst

    Yay! Congrats – I can't believe you posted haha… okay maybe I can. It's a beautiful picture, and I can't wait to hear about every little detail after your honeymoon! Now enjoy your time off!

  • Congratulations! I'm overjoyed for you both. Thanks for sharing!

  • Congrats!! So happy for both of you!

  • Congratulations Meg! I loved your comment about the naps.

  • hurray hurray hurray!

  • congrats, Meg! I'm happy for both of you… :)

  • Hooray hooray hooray for you both (all)! You must have had an unbelievable amount of good vibes and happy thoughts heading your way all day from all over the world!
    And thanks for prompt update!

  • I am positive that it was a great party full of love and food and sharing a rite. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations!!

  • Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

  • I'm in loooooove with the photo of the two of you just melted into one another. I hope I get a moment of bliss like that at some point on my wedding day.

  • This is the BEST picture. Congrats congrats congrats!

  • what a lovely picture. i do hope that you will share more! congrats!

  • YAY!! Congratulations and best wishes for a nap sometime in the near future!!!

    ; )

  • Oh yeah it DOES says it all.

    And I'm with you on the best day of your life: my wedding was fantastic, but in the end it wasn't. Sorry. That's just who I am. But I still LOVED every minute of it!

  • Congratulations and all the happiness in the world to you.

  • Congratulations! I hope every day is filled with fun, new adventures!

    I'm with you on the happiest day too. I enjoyed our engagement much more than the actual wedding day and hope to have many more "happiest" days!

  • Hooray! Could not be happier for you. Here's hoping your marriage remains as joyful as your wedding was!

  • CONGRATS Meg!!! Yippeeee!!!!

  • sam

    Yay! I'm so glad it was the day you wanted it to be. Can't wait to see the official photos!

  • Anonymous


    I hope your wedding was all kinds of Wonderfulness, but NOT the happiest day of your life – otherwise you'd have nothing else to look forward to except life going downhill.

    And you're much too young for that kind of despair.


  • congratulations!

  • <3

  • Congrats to you both! Sunday was my 30th birthday, but I couldn't help but think about your wedding :)

    THREE CHEERS for the happy couple!

  • You're so quick with the update!! After my wedding, I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything productive for two weeks. So happy for you, Congratulations!!

  • My sweet husband is there on the left! Great, great party Meg. Well done! Now enjoy your honeymoon :)

  • LPC

    Congratulations! I thought of you, at 10:30am. And afterwards. Have a great honeymoon.

  • Just lovely. :)

  • YAY. so glad that this was a great experience for you two. looking forward to hearing the details, whenever you're back and settled, and ready to share. :)


  • Amber


  • redfrizzz

    MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Desaray

    what everyone else said, and also, your hair thing is awesome!

  • Congratulations. I hope you keep blogging.

  • YESSSSSSS! I love it!

  • So happy for the both of you! So thrilled that it's everything you were hoping for.

  • Mazel Tov!!! Enjoy some well earned downtime with your New Husband! Thank you for letting us share the journey to this wonderful point.
    (ps – thank goodness it -wasn't- the best day of your life. How horrible to think that things would be all downhill from the late 20s…. they're not, trust me :) )

  • Congratulations, happy happy happy!

  • Congrats! Mine is in a little over 2 weeks and I can't wait to be writing the same post :) Glad it was everything you hoped for.

  • Dearest Meg,
    Congratulations and mazel tov!!! I think all of us here at "Team Practical" have been holding you in our hearts and minds. I have been buzzing with excitement for you since last week. Thank you for sharing your journey with us up until this point. I can't wait to hear more. And now the fun part–being married!!!!! Yay!!!! -Ninon

  • So glad you had a wonderful wedding day!

  • Anonymous

    In honor of the Practical Bride, here is a blast from the past . . . 1913 to be exact.

    Click on it to read the full article, which can be enlarged.

    It proves that "practical weddings" are an eternal challenge. They are talking about bridesmaids dresses that can be worn again, and other "new" ideas.

  • Cate Subrosa


    Nicely done :)

  • Mazel Tov, Meg and David!! You look gloriously happy in that photo. (And boy, do I hear you on the naps!)

  • Rianna

    Congratulations to both of you Meg!!!

  • Catherine

    Yet more congratulations. Best wishes for a life full of happiness and moreawesome parties.

    The understudy dress looks like it fit you perfectly. And it clearly let you dance and hold your husband.

  • lyn

    * sigh *

    a glorious thing, this. and amen to the practicality of "one of the best, but not THE best."

    i want to hear about your hair thing!

  • Yay! congrats. our wedding was 2 months ago but I still remember everything…hope you have many more awesome days/nites/parties ahead…

  • wee!

  • April

    Thrilled for you and David!

    Thrilled to see a picture that sums up your awesome party! YAY!

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Now that I know what that picture feels like I can whole heartedly send my congrats and well wishes to you!!!

  • K

    hoorayyyyyyyyyy. congrats missy. have an amazing and relaxing honeymoon with your new hubby :)

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    Yayyyyy! Congratulations!

  • Hi Meg,

    First of all, congratulations. Your blog was a calm storm for me in the midst of my wedding planning madness. I felt as though you always kept the focus on what is important- which had me jetissoning a lot of my uber decor ideas, trusting the beauty of the space that I had chosen, and really focusing on the ceremony and the people. On my wedding day I was joyous, nervous, excited, and a little bit crabby by the end (who knew I don't like my picture taken relentlessly?) but mostly overjoyed that so many different people from different parts of our lives could make it. Your wedding so far sounds joyous too and I can't wait to see more of it!

  • Awww, congratulations. Thank you for all of your guidance…and best wishes.