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Denver Meg Keene Talk

Ok you guys, BIG NEWS. Like, all caps big. On Thursday (1/26) between 2:40 and 3:00 pm, EST, I’ll be talking about the book on Talk of the Nation on NPR. Not only that, but you can call and tweet in to participate. I knowwwww! This is, in sum, the most exciting professional thing that has ever happened to me, the kid who grew up without a TV and with only NPR. Think of this as me bringing the book tour to you, wherever you are in the world.

Here is how you can get the goods:

And, fun fact, I’m being interviewed by guest host Jennifer Ludden, who works NPR’s family and feminism beat. Perfect, amiright? I’m thrilled and delighted to be interviewed (the Talk of the Nation team has been extremely fun to work with), and I’m even more excited to imagine you all listening in!

And More…

Also! There is more press!

  • On Wednesday (1/25) I’ll be on WGBH Boston’s local NPR show, The Emily Rooney show at 12:10 pm EST. You can listen live here, if you’re not local.
  • On Friday (1/27) I will be on Martha Stewart Radio’s Sirius channel. So! If you have Sirius, listen in at 10:10 am EST.

And now you know why I need to go to sleep right now! I’m on the train from Chicago to Boston, and I’ve got a lot of resting up to do. Boston! I’ll see you at Porter Square Books on Wednesday. Brooklyn, you’re totally next.

Photo by Kristy of Moodeous Photography from the Denver talk (more on that coming soon)

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