A Rustic DIY Vineyard Wedding with a Pool and a Puppy

Also: florals and tattoos and tacos and camping. Because, awesome, that's why.

 Jenifer, Professional Organizer  & William, Computer programer

The vibe was relaxed and comfortable. No stress, no drama. Just friends and family enjoying every moment together.

SOUNDTRACK FOR READING: “Very Special” by Debra Laws



Our favorite thing about the wedding was that we made time stand still for four days. We enjoyed every second of it. They say that your wedding goes by so fast that you almost can’t remember it! But that was not the case for us. We made every second last a lifetime.


This was a DIY wedding. I planned it all by myself and I had a blast doing it! I kept it as simple as possible and chose a venue that was so naturally beautiful that not a lot of decoration was needed. I had beautiful disposable paper plates and fake “silver”-ware, so clean up was super easy. I had no seating chart, so people could grab food and sit anywhere they would like. The guests kept saying that they really enjoyed how relaxed the atmosphere was. That is exactly what I wanted. Our dog, Chula, was a part of the wedding too… She walked along side my husband and curled up on the back of my dress during the ceremony. It was so sweet.

We had the BEST caterer in California! She put out the most amazing spread of apps (assorted cheeses, veggies and dip, tuna tartar). We also did a taco bar and had lots of fresh salads and grilled vegetables for dinner.

Our friend, Ian Brand, is a wine maker and he supplied wine for our wedding as a gift!

Also, the venue we selected has a pool and a hot tub. The day after the wedding all of our friends who camped on the property stayed swam with us and barbecued all day. I loved having a venue wedding that we could spend four days at. We were able to really enjoy quality time with all of our friends and family.


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