A {Meta} Toast To Community

Ok, you are going to have to forgive me today (apologizing in advance), because I’m going to get a little meta and talk about the blog on the blog. Or, more to the point, I’m going to talk about the community that has built up around this blog and some of the cool things that have happened. You guys are awesome, lets chat about that:

  1. I wanted to give you a little update on the Local Squared Kate Harrison Photography contest. The winner of the contest, as picked out of a hat, is ISWEARTOGOD getting married on an actual historical boat in the San Francisco bay where her husband teaches boat building to at risk kids. What? What? You all continue to blow me out of the water with your amazing selves. I’m not getting married on a boat, and frankly I’m feeling a little annoyed about that right now. Humph. Anyway, She’s also in a difficult economic situation and collectively, you all helped her get free wedding photography by being great enough that you inspired Kate to do this giveaway. For that I am grateful.
  2. If you entered the Local Squared contest but didn’t win, Kate wants to give you a mini engagement session near her studio. Hooray! Go get it!
  3. Yesterdays wedding graduate Cate Subrosa wrote a little ode to you, oh reader of this site, that I thought you needed to see, “I know I am in very good company, not just amongst those very wise women you have asked to share their post-nuptial advice, but any time I drop by your site. You have created a community, not just of creative, thrifty brides, but of sane women. And that’s enough to keep even a woman who rarely thinks back to her own wedding coming back time and again.”
  4. This week I’ve been thrilled to discover Privilege, a new blog written by a 52 year old executive and mother. She’s smart-smart-smart and writes with the wind of irony, adventure, and a life well lived at her back. Plus she has Life Perspective, which is rare in the blog-o-sphere. She wrote a really interesting post about the indie wedding blog community that you should go read, but I’ll quote some of the pithy bits here: [A Practical Wedding’s] premise is that weddings ought to be first and foremost the creation and the reflection of the people getting married. Well, yeah. But that simple premise can be difficult to realize. Why? The minute that two people say to each other, “Maybe we will get married some day….,” someone somewhere senses the possibility of large sums of money. Planning a wedding can be like trying to take a romantic walk down a mountain path, only large billboards block the view on either side. Silicon Valley billboards too, the kinds that light up and blink, and change, and tell you the future is now … But tulle is a lovely narcotic. And the enduring pursuit of an aesthetic is the same instinct that drives artists. It endures. So I love weddings. And I love wedding blogs. And I hope the little fish of personal hope at the heart of most weddings keeps everyone going while the industry clashes and trumpets above. Now go read the rest.

Indeed. So cheers to you, oh reader. No, not “readers of this blog in general” but *you* the reader of this blog in particular. You keep the little fish of personal hope alive for me.

With that, I’m off to celebrate David’s birthday with a weekend out of town. Next week I will be back with some real weddings, and some long brewing discussion of the relationship between money and weddings.

Picture of smooches from Kate to you

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  • Cheers, lovelies!

  • Emily

    Oh meg, everyday you make me feel so good about being me.


  • Oh, this is so what I needed this morning. Merci beaucoup Meg!

  • LPC

    How unexpected. Thank you very much for reading Privilege, much less mentioning it. Meg, you and your community are all that you and Cate and others have said. Long may you wave.

  • :)

  • Love you guys ;)

  • A toast right back to you for creating this community, have a lovely weekend :)

  • This is the perfect post for me to leave my thank you to you Meg and all the indie wedding blogs. I just started “researching” for my wedding next year and have loved so many things on this site, and many of your links. And then yesterday a friend gave me one of those local wedding mags, and it’s already in the recycle bin. I flipped through the flower suggestions and cringed, the photos were uninspired, the dress layouts were cheesy, ugh. Thank you for giving me inspiration to break away from all of that!

  • I don’t know what I would have done without your amazing blog and all the great blogs I discovered when I was planning my wedding. Have a nice weekend :)

  • Meg, I’ve been reading your blog since I got engaged last August, and it’s really been my guidebook because you never fail to remind me what all of this is about. Less than 4 months to my wedding day and when people ask me (almost daily), “so are you going crazy with wedding planning??” I can honestly reply, “not at all…at the end of the day I’m going to be married to this amazing person, and that’s all that I’m concerned with!” Of course, i do hope the bluegrass band manages to get all my guests up and dancing, but that’s just trying to be a good hostess! :) Infinite thank yous for this community you’ve created…you should feel like the proud mother of this new breed of sane brides!

  • sara

    What a wonderful post. I smiled so much, and a wave of confidence overcame me. Something much needed right now as I begin wedding planning.
    Thanks you Meg!

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    Cheers to you too, lovely lady. Have a great weekend!

  • Thanks so much for this post. I have been following this community for some time and I have to say–the internet is an easy place in which to go completely insane when planning your wedding. There is so much over-stimulation out there that it is easy to lose focus. And so I am grateful for folks who take the time to bring us back to the big stuff, and to share how we dealt with the shitty stuff. It’s all really political to me too–a sort of consciousness raising exercise for those of us who are trying to celebrate love and commitment and other good things without losing ourselves. Thank you!

  • Meg, more than anyone, you’ve singlehandedly (is that a word) kept me sane in this process… I think you should consider a career in life coaching, or perhaps as a therapist.

    You are such an inspiration!
    Miss Cush

  • Meg

    Oh Miss Cush (and all), you are too sweet. I don’t have the right personality for a coach/therapist (way way to outspoken and sassy) I think, but this writing/ community building thing… I like that.