Trinity & Lucas

Veterans hall meets awesome

Trinity, Book Publicist & Lucas, Line Cook

Photographer: Emily Alt

Soundtrack for reading: “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed or “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds

Sum-up of the wedding vibe: Fun, laid-back, do-it-together, nerds-marrying-nerds

Other cool stuff we should know about

Lucas and I met six years ago when I moved into an apartment in the house next door to his, and a mutual friend saw me walking through our shared parking lot and introduced us. After several weeks of Scrabble/SNES nights, we were becoming good friends, but Lucas wanted more and I (thought I) didn’t. One night, I saw his melodic-metal band play at the local VFW, and he had a pretty brunette hanging on his every word—which was when I realized that I DID want more! We’ve been together ever since.

Our small, backyard ceremony was held at Lucas’ childhood home on a beautiful, warm autumn day. We wrote our entire ceremony from scratch, and we had our friend Addison officiate. We had Bloody Marys and mimosas for our noon ceremony, followed by a round of toasts that brought us to tears.

Our open-house-style reception was at the same VFW hall where I first realized I had more-than-friends feelings for Lucas. We self-DJed with a playlist on shuffle, and we had a photobooth set up in one corner. Our food (which included charcuterie, pickled vegetables, pork sliders, chicken satay skewers, cucumber and cured salmon tea sandwiches, sable cookies, and more) was self-catered with help from friends and family. Our reception was very casual and allowed everyone to mingle for the entire time.

Favorite thing about the wedding

Deciding to write our vows together the night before. Seeing our friends and family come together to make the day happen. The amazing, heartfelt toasts from those who know us best. And going out with some of our nearest and dearest for a late-night after-party!


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  • This is my kind of wedding. I love the bloody marys amd mimosas and all the food you had!! I have this dream of having a winter morning/brunch wedding with all of the above…we’re getting married in June in the evening but a girl can fantasize :)

  • Lou

    That black and white shot of their hands during the ceremony is gorgeous.
    APW, I’d love to see more hall weddings if you have ’em! It’s nice to see what couples do with ordinary, cheap spaces rather than naturally beautiful ones (that inevitably cost way more).

    • vegankitchendiaries


      I looooove these pictures!! APW deserves so much credit for calming me down about my own wedding. This couple probably had a very similar budget to what we’re working with and it’s honestly just such a RELIEF to see that everything still turns out *beautifully* without a bunch of pinteresty, glittery, expensive, color-matched decor.

      PS. Just like everyone else I have to also say your dress is STELLAR.

      • Chiara M

        YES!! I totally agree about the social hall wedding thing. This is how I picture my wedding. With folding chairs and no chair covers and simple delicious food and all the people I love in one place.

      • Trinity

        I’m so glad if our photos helped you relax! We tried to keep everything as simple and as inexpensive as possible. The decorations were just disposable ivory tablecloths (Oriental Trading Company FTW), $5 satin table runners from Amazon, thrifted vases (with donated zinnias) and tealight holders, and dollar-store frames with our engagement photos.

        P.S. Thank you!

  • Meredith

    I can’t stop staring at that dress! Absolute perfection.

  • Elizabear

    Ah! I grew up in Grand Haven and just got married there in June. I love that town. Your dress is gorg, btw.

    • Shelly

      And I work in Grand Haven! I was at this hall for drinks between a wedding ceremony & reception this fall.

      • emily

        And I live in Grand Haven too (when I’m not traveling, which I am now)–let me just emphasize too that a HUGE reason why Trinity and Lucas’s wedding was so amazing was because of THEM. They were such, such, such a sweet wonderful couple to work with on their day and the weeks leading up to it–Everyone in their family and friend group was SO nice and excited and just willing to pitch in to help out–it was awesome. I absolutely adored everything about working with these two! Thanks APW for a great posting and to Trinity and Lucas for booking me to work with you–it was such an honor!

  • MisterEHolmes

    Your hair and makeup are such a knockout! Stunning!

  • Lisa

    The. Hair.

  • Meg

    Looks like such fun!

  • Han62

    This wedding looks so sweet and fun! I would love to know more from the bride or groom about how friends and family reacted to you having a small ceremony early in the day with more people invited to the reception. This is something we’re considering, just not sure how to navigate invitations and peoples’ feelings.

    • Trinity

      Initially we invited just our immediate families and closest friends, but then we realized it wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t also invite (most of) our aunts and uncles. In the end, we also invited some of my cousins (the few who said they were able to come to the reception), because my dad’s side of the family is a very small and tight-knit group.

      Although I think some family felt left out, we were just really honest about the limitations on space for our ceremony (i.e, that if it rained we couldn’t fit more than 40 people inside, and even that was pushing it!).

  • MEM

    This may be my favorite wordless wedding yet. probably because “Fun, laid-back, do-it-together, nerds-marrying-nerds” is pretty much exactly what we’re going for too :)

  • Beautiful and simple. Love it.
    Also, melodic metal band? I kind of need to know more..