Should I Move My Wedding Date For My Bridesmaid?

She's not engaged yet—but I am

Q: I need advice on how to approach a situation with my bridesmaid. I got engaged in March of this year after six years together with my fiancé. We are having a long engagement and set on the month of October of 2020. Ideally, we’d love to book the date of October 17, 2020. I need to mention that the wedding is out-of-state for most of our bridal party as we’re getting married in our hometown. Now, here’s the situation. I’ve asked my bridesmaids already to give them ample time to plan for travel and work for the wedding. Everyone said, Yes! Yay!

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However, one of my bridesmaids is giving me a hard time for wanting to get married on the 17th due to the fact that she wants to get married on the 22nd. Here’s the kicker though. She’s not even engaged yet! Should I still book the 17th or should I move my date for my bridesmaid’s dream wedding date?

A:We want to hear you all weigh in on whether or not she should move the wedding in the comments, but first a note: You have a long road ahead if you stop to consider everyone’s requests for accommodation while you are wedding planning. Two years is plenty of time for people to bring you all of their problems and preferences, and if you and your partner don’t figure out where your boundaries are early on, you’re in for a truly exhausting ride. Decision fatigue anyone?

So, Should she move it? Did you move your wedding date to accommodate someone in your wedding party? or did you make any other major compromises for someone close to you (not your partner)?

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