My Wedding Dress Update (And Such)

Some of you have requested an update on my handmade wedding dress, and well, I don’t have much. Yet. If you are having your wedding dress made by friends and family, you need to let your inner control freak relax, because baby, it’s out of your hands. I haven’t seen my wedding dress since Christmas, when it took off to Michigan with my sister. It is, however, in the mail as-we-speak, so soon I will have it in my hot little hands, and will be able to try it on, spin around, buy some shoes, make a veil, and hand-sew on some lace trim. Hooray. In the meantime though, I have this picture and email from my sister to tide you over:I broke the ceiling light fixture in my dining room pinning the hemline yesterday. I think that probably qualifies me for some kind of award*. Also, I’ve decided to have my wedding in March, so I can have a cake made entirely out of Thin Mints. Mmmmm, Thin Mints. Om nom nom**.

She also helpfully pointed out in my email that I recently posted about Chandlers in the TREES?” and said: “I think you mean chandeliers. Chandlers are people who make candles. Do the chandlers get wax and molds up the trees so they can actually be working, or do they just wear signs saying, “I’m a chandler!!”? “

But you know, now I can’t go back and fix that spell check induced typo, because it’s just too funny. So, Chandlers’ in trees it is.

PS – My sister just got a pet hedgehog (well, a hoglet, since it’s a baby). I think that means my wedding dress is the half-sister to a hedgehog.
*What kind of award, do you think?? Ideas in the comments, please.
**Who is doing this? I bet you could sort of ice them together. Yum.

All Pictures by my sister

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  • omg a baby hedgehog?! that is so so great! I wish we had them in Australia. I’m very excited to see how your dress turns out.

    x from

  • Your sister is awesome. Hedgehog owner and also somebody who can hem things and make good jokes and proofread. I have a sister like this, too, and I feel damn lucky.

    Looking forward to the dress!

  • LPC

    A nonsequitor. Hedgehogs are dear to me as once I came upon my children, at that point aged 3 and5, as they played one of the innumerable incomprehensible games of childhood. “What are you playing? I asked. “[Son] is a hedgehog getter”, said [daughter]. Well then.

  • Although not thin mints, my wedding “cake” is going to be a giant pile of snickerdoodles baked by one of my awesome non-bridesmaids (supplemented by an ice cream sundae bar, of course). We’re baking a mountain of them a few days before the wedding, and then plan to sort of pyramid-stack them together. Maybe with toothpicks? I’m sure you could do the same with some girl scout cookies!

  • Gorgeous fabric! Also that little hedgehog is just precious and would make a fantastic ring bearer.

  • I didn’t know you could get a pet hedgehog! I grew up in the woods so I saw a lot of big ones growing up…never saw a cute little hoglet!
    And a thin-mint cake? Fabulous. I’m sure they’re easy to stack since they’re pretty uniform in size and shape. Maybe if you heat them up a little bit the chocolate coating would melt and they would fuse together into a tower of mint-chocolately-goodness.

  • can i be part of your family, PLEASE????

    and cannot wait to see your dress!

  • Two things… I’m thinking thin mints atop cupcakes would work really well. Plus you could prop them up in the frosting, or you could crumble them on top of pudding cups. Then second, I think cute hedgehogs make everything better…so more wedding blogs should through a cute animal picture in now and then.

  • You must be so excited to get your dress! My mom is making my dress, too, but I’m not sure I’ll see the final until the week before the wedding! Yikes!

    A thin mint cake sounds amazing. I don’t think you’d have to get married in March, those suckers freeze like champions.

  • Hedgehogs rule! When I was a little girl I had a charm bracelet, and my favorite charm by far was the little gold hedgehog my dad brought me from London.

    Also, as a former Girl Scout, thanks for plugging Thin Mints, the lifeblood of many a troop! ;-)

  • Elizabeth is right, by the way — one of the sales pitches we were taught is “buy lots — Girl Scout Cookies freeze well!” And they do, especially Thin Mints.

  • The night of our rehearsal dinner, we’re handing out awards (aka mini-cakes frosted like blue ribbons from the fair): the “Most splinters suffered at the hands of the homemade planter-box centerpieces” award, the “Sewed three flower girl dresses in one Spring Break” award, the “Sorted through seven decades of photos and scanned them into a guest book” award, etc…

    Your sister sounds awesome, what a trooper! These are the things I love about weddings…


  • Hurray for the dress ! Can’t wait to see it…

    And I loooove pet hedgehogs ! But they’re not legal in France… (saw some in Canada)
    Happily we’ve got wild ones, last year there was a mother and her babies not far from our building in a small garden ;-).

  • I think candle making lessons are a good award for your sister, all things considered. Oh, and I might need to pick up a hoglet. My husband thinks that tortises are the way to go… but hoglets!?

  • Mini-hog sister! Awesome.

    The fabric looks gorgeous, can’t wait to see the finished product.

  • If I made a thin-mint cake, I could only hope it would look like this one from Smitten Kitchen:

  • Meg

    Ah, yes. I worked at that Bakery. I know that cake well.

  • ‘the kind of sister every bride wish they had’ award, or at least ‘the sister dubbs really really wish she had’ award.

    regardless of what you give her, can you forward the latter to her on my behalf anyway?

  • I need a hedgehog right now.

  • vanessa

    mmmm… THIN MINTS. I get so excited when girl scout cookie season comes, my waistline– not so much. Speaking of which, has your sis tried the thin mint ice cream from Edy’s/Dreyers? YUM.

    A chocolate cake with mint buttercream filling with little crushed up thin mints in it would probably pass as a thin mint cake. That would probably be amazing.

    I can’t wait to see how your dress comes out! I’m in awe of you for taking that route.

  • Meg

    I was pretty sure you did, East Side.

  • My partner and I have been spending far too much time reading about pet hedgehogs all week. They are an invasive species here in NZ and we are supposed to hate them and rejoice when we see them run over on the side of the road…but they’re so gosh darn cute!

    I also need ideas for sister gifts because we planned our wedding from half-way around the world and my big sis went to all the meetings and such. Best sister ever? I think so. What do you get for someone who did all this important stuff?

  • Meg

    Obviously, you get her a hedgehog, Becky.

  • The baby hedgehog is so cute! Sisters really are the best, I’m so excited to see your dress :)

  • Oh my gosh, I want a pet hedgehog. Was he hard to get? I’d love to hear about it.

  • that does not tide, it teases.

    just so you know.

    good thing she also sent a picture of a baby hedgehog so it is not a total loss.

  • Meg

    Yes Jamie, but IT’S ALL I’VE GOT. That and a pile of nerves.

  • yeah ya do!

  • The babies are called "hoglets"? I think I need insulin, to recover from the Cute Attack.

    Thank you, truly truly thank you, for the mental image of chandlers hard at work up in the treetops.

    And for the award … something to do with a rare talent for being both clumsy & limber, perhaps?


    (That is all.)

  • Hilarious.

    And that baby hedgehog is really freaking cute.

  • Lovely! When I was in college, my roommate and I had an illegal hedgehog. (They’re illegal as pets in GA mostly because they eat chicken eggs.) We had to drive accross state lines and acquire him secretly in the dark, but he was a great pet. Their bellies are sooooo soft, but picking them up generally requires an oven mit.

    Congrats on the niece/nephew and the dress!

  • sam

    I loved the email from your sister! It sounded exactly like something mine would say. I think she should receive the “Most Creative Use of Sewing Equipment” award. Who knew you could hem a dress and remodel a dining room all with the same handy tool?
    I totally see how that could happen though. I’m sewing my own dress (kind of) and have ended up in some very acrobatic positions trying to keep the material away from the floor… and cat.
    Can’t wait to see your finished dress!

  • Oh, her Greyhound would most certainly eat a pet hedgehog! =)

  • I'm super jealous! I wish I had a sister who could make a beautiful wedding dress! Plus I love the baby hedgehog!! I had one when I was a kid. They're so fun!

    Love your blog!

    <3 from

  • Excited to see your dress! And the baby hedgehog couldn’t be any cuter. You’re an aunt! :)

  • Hedgehogs make great pets and they are undeniably cute. The pet variety are normally African Pygmy Hedgehogs not the larger European version.
    For Becky: I read a research paper somewhere that actually said that although Hedgehogs are not native to NZ, because of the large number of damaging insects they eat, they are more beneficial to the environment than harmful. I’ll dig it out for you if you’re interested. :)