My Wedding Dress Update (And Such)

Some of you have requested an update on my handmade wedding dress, and well, I don’t have much. Yet. If you are having your wedding dress made by friends and family, you need to let your inner control freak relax, because baby, it’s out of your hands. I haven’t seen my wedding dress since Christmas, when it took off to Michigan with my sister. It is, however, in the mail as-we-speak, so soon I will have it in my hot little hands, and will be able to try it on, spin around, buy some shoes, make a veil, and hand-sew on some lace trim. Hooray. In the meantime though, I have this picture and email from my sister to tide you over:I broke the ceiling light fixture in my dining room pinning the hemline yesterday. I think that probably qualifies me for some kind of award*. Also, I’ve decided to have my wedding in March, so I can have a cake made entirely out of Thin Mints. Mmmmm, Thin Mints. Om nom nom**.

She also helpfully pointed out in my email that I recently posted about Chandlers in the TREES?” and said: “I think you mean chandeliers. Chandlers are people who make candles. Do the chandlers get wax and molds up the trees so they can actually be working, or do they just wear signs saying, “I’m a chandler!!”? “

But you know, now I can’t go back and fix that spell check induced typo, because it’s just too funny. So, Chandlers’ in trees it is.

PS – My sister just got a pet hedgehog (well, a hoglet, since it’s a baby). I think that means my wedding dress is the half-sister to a hedgehog.
*What kind of award, do you think?? Ideas in the comments, please.
**Who is doing this? I bet you could sort of ice them together. Yum.

All Pictures by my sister

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