New Feature: APW Weddings and Anniversaries!

We’ve got a new feature at APW; Monthly Wedding and Anniversary Roundups!  We want a chance to honor you guys personally a little more, so we will be having a monthly post with that month’s upcoming weddings and anniversaries!  It’s a chance for you to discover who your wedding month buddies are, to encourage the baby brides in their home stretch and to recognize the folks who are hitched and still here on APW!

Send the following to roundup [at] apracticalwedding [dot] com:

  1. You and your partner’s name (as you’d like it in the post, i.e. Mandy Jo and John, or Becky T. and Billy T. or Cuddles and Poodley-Poo)
  2. Your wedding/anniversary date, including the year!
    • If you’re sending your wedding date, let’s keep it in the coming year to date.  Like, if it’s March 2011, you can send your date in if you’re getting married in March 2012. Nothing further than 12 months away, please.  We’re organized, but we’re not THAT organized.
  3. A link to your blog, if you have one. (You can also link to your Twitter account if you don’t have a blog.)
  4. If you’re already married, send us a pic of the two of you!  (Optional, but if you do please send just one. I don’t care if you can’t decide, just one pretty please.)

Then, once a month, we will feature a post of the weddings and anniversaries that are happening within that month.  Our January and February kids are going to be a little late, but we know you’ll forgive us.

And no, you don’t have to have been a wedding grad to have your anniversary featured, we love all our brides equally!

***EDIT*** Please note: Submissions must be sent in by the 20th of the month before your wedding  (i.e. May 20th for June weddings, June 20th for July anniversaries, etc.)  so that we can get the post ready in time.  Dates submitted after a post has gone up will not be able to be included in that month’s round-up, sorry!

So bring on the submissions!

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  • What a great idea!!!!!

  • Katie

    awww. I love this

  • This made my day. :)

  • Jen

    awww, you guys are so sweet!

  • awwww YAY YAY YAY. I’ve been hoping for something like this. so hard to keep track of everyone’s dates, I think it’s great we’ll be able to recognize and celebrate everyone. :) :) :) you guys are the best.

  • This is so great! I love it!

  • Yet another awesome new feature. Meg, you going full-time on APW is definitely working out well for all of us readers.

    • meg

      Oh dude, this all Alyssa. I told her she was CArazy to attempt it, but she wanted to, damn it. So congratulate her, not me!

      I’m writing a book, not doing spreadsheets of wedding dates ;)

  • Colleen

    Um, you have totally convinced me to refer to my husband henceforth as Poodley-Poo. Thank you for that :-)

  • Jen

    really good idea- nicely done

  • Alyssa

    Please note, ladies, it does not have to be a wedding picture! Everyday happy married people are okay too.

    • That was going to be my very question. We love our wedding pictures, but we have a picture from last fall that is so us it’s scary.

  • I already know what picture I’m sending in when I get home! Whee!

  • Brandy

    So to clarify…do you want submissions from weddings from January 2011?

    • Alyssa

      Absolutely! And February 2011. Just nothing more than one year in advance, pretty please.

  • Fun! I’ll talk to Poodely-Poo & we’ll try to agree on a picture :-)

  • marbella


  • Cuddles & Poodley-Poo? Oh, how I needed something to make me laugh.

    And I love this. It makes me smile real big. I need things to make me smile big today.

    • Sending hugs your way, if you need ’em. Or even if you don’t.

      • (I only just now saw this.) Thanks for the hugs. They were definitely needed that day. :)

  • Love this idea!

  • This is such an awesome idea, totally love it! I will definitely be sending our anniversary one when it gets a little closer to September. :)

    Also really excited to see who else is getting married/got married every month. High five to you, Alyssa… and I am sure your spreadsheets will be awesome, haha. I’m a total spreadsheet nerd at work; makes things so much more organized! :)

  • What a sweet idea :)

  • Great idea! I love it. :) Will email Alyssa now.

  • Yay!

    But…only married people can send pictures? We just got our gallery from Elissa R Photography from the photoshoot we won here and, seriously you guys, it is EPIC.

    • YAY! I can’t wait to see! :)

    • I just did some major blog creeping to see them and WOW the pictures are fabulous. Can’t wait to see them on here!

  • Awesome idea Alyssa :)

    I’ll go and hunt out a reasonable photo…

    Another thing to add to my list of 45 things to get done tonight because I was away tramping on the weekend!

  • Awesome idea! Maybe now I need to get my kick in the pants to finish my Wedding Grad post, too? I know it said you didn’t need one, but, still … it’s been sitting in a text document on my desktop, unfinished, for months …

    … March 17 is 6 months, that should be the goal …