Roundup: Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

When Michael and I were teenagers, dreaming about our married future together, I informed him bluntly that under no circumstances did I want a diamond ring to be part of the equation. I wanted an heirloom emerald (“something with a story,” is what fifteen-year-old me said) and that was that. Of course, when push came to shove, the saleslady at the jewelry store told Michael that emeralds are very soft and that his klutzy ladyfriend would probably destroy it just by looking at, so when we got engaged a lovely vintage-inspired diamond ring was slipped onto my finger. And while it’s true that I love the ring Michael picked out, there is still part of my stomach that grips every time I see a beautiful emerald ring or blingy colored gemstone pass by my eyes.

There are lots of reasons for choosing to forgo the traditional diamond engagement ring: ethical concerns, cost-consciousness, or a general aversion to bling (I’m assuming this is a thing? I’m not sure. I bleed sparkles). So with a general eff you to DeBeers, today we’ve rounded up our favorite diamond-alternative engagement rings, from the very simple to the super blingy. In the meantime, I’m going to go see if I can’t find $949 in my couch cushions so that I can live out my dream with this beauty. As for the rest of you, if you have a diamond-alternative ring that you love, leave it in the comments! APWers consistently have the most amazing rings I’ve ever set my eyes on. (This is not an empty compliment. I’ve seen them.) Show that shit off.

No Stone Rings: 1. Knottedrush Ring by Bario-Neal ($80) 2. Pale Pink and Black Gold Dipped Geo Ring by amerrymishap via Etsy ($24) 3. Senna Round Ring by Bario-Neal ($285) 4. Pink Gold Pyrite Chunk Ring by Jennifer Cervelli via Etsy ($225) 5. Style R0802 by Satomi Kawakita ($130.00 – $520.00) 6. Wave Band by Digby & Iona ($440)

Clear Stone Rings: 1. Herkimer Diamond Solitaire by Erica Weiner ($110) 2. Channel Narrow Band* by Bario-Neal ($1120) 3. Oval Bezel Ring by Blanca Monros Gomez available at Steven Alan ($265) 4. White Topaz Engagement Ring by Jen Burrall available at ($250) 5. Pear Sapphire Ring by Conroy Wilcox ($2800)

*Okay, this one has diamonds in it. It’s too pretty. So sue us.

Dainty(ish) Rings: 1. Titan Pearl Ring by Conroy & Wilcox ($2750) 2. Silver Amethyst Bea Ring by Anna Sheffield available at Bona Drag ($335) 3. Opal Teardrop Ring available exclusively at Catbird ($198) 4. Raw Ruby Rings by Erica Weiner ($495) 5. Ombre Eternity Band by Elisa Solomon available at Catbird ($1420) 6. Diamond Shape Knuckle Ring from Uncovet ($55)

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