Kathryn & Will’s Feminist British Wedding

* Kathryn, Engineering Contract Administrator & Will, Sound Engineer * Photographer: Phil Sharp * Soundtrack for listening: “How Does It Feel” by Slade *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A fun day from start to finish. We wanted a simple warm feel, a short and heartfelt ceremony, mind-blowing food, and a spectacular dance party.

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The Info—Photographer: Phil Sharp / Location: Surrey, England / Venue: Nonsuch Mansion / Kathryn’s Veil: Romancing the Veil via Etsy / Kathryn’s Headpiece: Fable Dreams via Etsy / Groom’s Cake: Little Gem’s Cakes

Other cool stuff we should know about: Initially we wanted to elope to New York alone, come back and throw a big party. But being an only child, this became an impossibility. I couldn’t bring myself to disappoint my parents, so it turned into quite a large occasion, which in the run-up had me at moments utterly terrified. It became a mission of compromise, both managing expectations and staying true to our tastes, but once we had found our beautiful venue all the other elements fell into place. I really enjoyed the details and found myself super organised for the first time in my life!

The assistance of friends really blew me away. Our invites were made by a talented friend as a gift, tote bag favours printed at cost, hair and make up volunteered, etc. These things, as well as being economically helpful, were genuinely, deeply special. That one of my best friends made up my bouquet and then handed it to me as I was getting ready was more lovely than she will ever know.

The stunning mansion house decorated perfectly meant I needed to do very little in decoration myself. I ordered wholesale blue hydrangeas and baby’s breath and arranged them on the morning of the wedding into short vases, which were off set by lots of tea lights. We drank buckets of champagne through the morning, dancing and singing a lot. The ceremony was more moving than I had expected. I struggled to say my vows without bursting into tears. We had a couple of readings. One being the lyrics to Jim Reeves “I Love You Because.” It’s a much-loved song for both of our families, and the words were perfectly apt.

The disco was hugely important to me, and I had meticulously planned the playlist so that as many genres and eras were covered as possible so there was something for everyone (and lots for Will and me). We had fake glittery mics for power ballad purposes and a photo booth, which went down a storm and served as a great guest book addition. By the end of the night I had to be dragged away by my new husband and his best man. The next morning for breakfast at the hotel I wore my headpiece and veil and had one hundred percent lost my voice. Total success.

Favorite thing about the wedding: During the speeches I looked out over all our friends and family and thought how incredible it was to have them all right there. A moment I will always savour.

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  • Jackie

    This sounds like the most powerful, divine wedding celebration ever and I LOVE IT.

  • Your dress is lovely! I love the joy that is so evident in all the pictures- that portrait of all your guests from above is wonderful, as are the glittery power-ballad mics. Congratulations on your wedding. It looks like a blast!

  • Class of 1980

    Love the smiles on your faces during the recessional. Also love that cloud-like veil.

  • Jessica

    I love your dress! It looks great on you. As someone whose parents also would not appreciate an elopement it was great to hear your tips on managing expectations. Good to know a great celebration that’s still in line with your values can be achieved. Where did you find your dress?

  • IRMcK

    Gorgeous. All of the dresses in these photos just blow me away. The neckline/backline on that wedding dress is just stunning.

    Is it rude to want to know where I can buy the blue lace dress in the first photo? Because it needs to be in my closet.

  • Ashley

    Please tell me more about that dress! It’s basically my dream dress, so perfect.

    • Mallory

      That IS my dress, I believe! Just had a fitting today and it is SUPER comfy, amazing, all that jazz!

      Stateside, I got mine at a local boutique, but if I’m correct, it’s from the Saison Blanche Boutique collection (http://www.saisonblanche.com/Saison-Blanche-Boutique_p_573.html).

      Hope this helps people out!

  • Susan Cohen

    Your wedding dress is divine! Where did you find it? Who’s the designer?

  • Hannah Smith

    This wedding is lovely. Completely frivolous question here, do you have any clearer pictures of your hair style? It is absolutely gorgeous, and I would love to show a picture to the woman I have helping me with mine. Thanks!

    • Kathryn

      I’m so glad you like it! My email is kathryndavies@live.com. If you message me I can send you some better hair shots.


  • Rebekah

    Not to be selfish, but Please may I have your reception playlist? Any party that ends with “total success” is my kind.

    • Kathryn

      I have it on a spreadsheet.. it’s all yours if you want it!! x

      • Rebekah

        Eeee! Hooray!
        Blue_eyed_b at juno dot com


  • Lost voice? Total success in my book!

  • H

    I love this wedding. It is perfect. That is all.

  • Courtney

    I want your dress. I want your blue hydrangeas. Most of all, I want those looks of joy you have.
    Literally, your wedding looks EXACTLY like I have always secretly imagined. (Apparently you are my British aesthetic twin!) So I really hope and wish for you that you get to have as happy a marriage as I always imagined a wedding with a perfect lace dress and blue hydrangeas HAS to begin. Best wishes!

  • Kathryn

    Thanks for being so nice ladies! The dress is by Allure no. 8903. x

  • Rosie

    I love the picture where you’re signing the register, and when you’re walking into the reception! The whole day looks really fun :) I used baby’s breath and hydrangeas too, good combo.

  • BUBBLE VEIL! Love this, all so beautiful.

  • Abilene

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • How very spectacular. Congratulations!!!